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CPD Drone Training Course
CPD Drone Training Course
CPD Drone Training Course
CPD Drone Training Course

CPD Drone Training Course

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Hone your skills with a drone training industry leader. Our experienced CAA-qualified instructors have taught 3,000+ candidates, including staff from Network Rail and UK emergency services.

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CPD Drone Training Course

Enhance operational effectiveness

heliguy™ CPD (Continuing Professional Development) drone training enhances pilot expertise and advocates best practices to maximise a drone team’s operational effectiveness.

Developing advanced pilot competence enables a drone programme to achieve new levels of capability, including increased return on investment, better data collection and a more robust response in an emergency situation.

Designed for drone programmes with qualified pilots, the CPD course ensures operators continue to fly to a high standard, are operating in strict accordance with the rules and regulations, and receive guidance on how to operate the latest technology.

During the training, our expert instructors will:

  • Deliver one-to-one guided learning activities, including advanced flight training and manoeuvres including simulated EVLOS/BVLOS;
  • Review the organisation's Operations Manual to ensure it remains compliant;
  • Evaluate operational procedures to ensure they are effective, and provide consultation for improvements;
  • Advise on changes to drone regulations and legislation.

heliguy™ runs two types of CPD course: For the emergency services and for enterprise organisations. The courses are CPD-verified. 

What Is CPD?

Enhance personal skills and proficiency

CPD is widely regarded as a mandatory activity in the continuation of any professional enterprise, helping to maintain an optimal level of safety and service provision.

It enables learning to become conscious and proactive, rather than passive and reactive, and is a commitment, made by professionals, towards the effective enhancement of personal skills and proficiency throughout their careers.

Through specialised learning and industry-specific tuition, the heliguy™ CPD course expands pilot skill sets, facilitating further validation of a drone operator’s capabilities beyond the minimum requirements of the National Aviation Authorities' mandatory assessment.

The CPD courses build on heliguy™’s foundation training, such as the Emergency Services Drone Operators Training or industry-specific GVC tuition, to provide continuity and offer a structured, progressive and end-to-end training package.

heliguy™ CPD Training

Dedicated training for the emergency services and enterprise professionals

heliguy™ delivers two types of CPD course, tailored to meet the needs and requirements of those attending the training.

heliguy™ Emergency Services CPD

Due to the nature of public safety drone missions, it is vital that each remote pilot in an emergency services team is highly skilled and operates in strict accordance with robust operating procedures.

The course also enables emergency service personnel to become subject matter experts for their organisation, helping them to effectively enforce the latest regulation.

Topics covered on the Emergency Services CPD course include:

  • Hasty operational planning and deployment;
  • Use of the Emergency Services Exemption;
  • Advanced flight manoeuvres, including advanced ATTI and simulated EVLOS/BVLOS;
  • Searching for missing people using thermal and optical imaging;
  • Aircraft maintenance;
  • Air Navigation Order 2016 amendments and future legislation changes.

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heliguy™ Enterprise CPD

Develop and expand the skill set of your enterprise organisation. Learn about the latest tech and achieve a standard of operational excellence to gain a competitive edge and enhance mission effectiveness.

Topics covered on the Enterprise CPD course include:

  • Industry-specific flight application and sensor training;
  • Advanced flight manoeuvres, including advanced ATTI and simulated EVLOS/BVLOS;
  • Aircraft maintenance;
  • Air Navigation Order 2016 amendments and future legislation changes.

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CPD Drone Training Course FAQs

Answers to your most frequently asked questions.
When should drone teams conduct CPD training?

heliguy™ recommends drone pilot teams conduct CPD training a year after starting their programme - or a year after operators became accredited remote pilots - and then annually thereafter.

It is important to refresh knowledge and skills regularly to ensure approved procedures and best practices are not slipping into accepted norms.

Do pilots need to bring their own drones to the heliguy™ CPD course?

heliguy™ will bring drones to the CPD training, but drone pilot teams are welcome to bring their own hardware/equipment to the session.

What do pilots need to bring to heliguy™ CPD training?

Pilots should bring suitable wet and cold weather clothing and suitable footwear for outdoor activities for during the CPD course.

Please bring lunch for the 45 minute lunch break.

How long is heliguy™ CPD training?

heliguy™ CPD training is typically a day-long course, running from 8.30am to 5pm. This includes a 45-minute lunch break.

Additional bolt-on days can be added, if requested, for each organisation to cover more topics or to ensure a larger number of personnel can be trained.

How many pilots are needed for a heliguy™ CPD course?

The heliguy™ CPD course is best delivered in a group environment. Contact our training team to discuss course numbers. 

Our provision will be delivered in a way that ensures each member of the pilot team receives a premium and tailored training experience.

Is there an exam at the end of the heliguy™ CPD course?

No, there is no written exam at the end of the CPD course. However, the session does conclude with a final assessment to validate each candidate's suitability to deploy operationally. 

Where does heliguy™ CPD training take place?

Our instructors will travel to a venue of your choice to deliver the CPD course.

What is covered during heliguy™ CPD training?

The CPD course is a mix of theory-based learning and hands-on practical drone training.

Theory tuition can be delivered in one of two ways:

1: In-person, classroom-style approach on the day of the course;
2: Online via the Learning Management System for on-demand access ahead of the course.

Bespoke items can be added to the course, covering additional topics/sessions which are relevant to individual emergency service personnel or enterprise organisations.

What happens on completion of the heliguy™ CPD course?

The heliguy™ CPD course is CPD-verified and certificates are issued by the CPD upon successful completion of the course.

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