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New UK CAA Proposals 'Will Help Unlock' BVLOS Drone Operations

UK CAA launches consultation on BVLOS drone operations in Atypical Air Environments. The CAA says the proposals are a positive step towards unlocking the next stage for drone flying in the UK.

DJI And BYD Unveil 'World's First Vehicle-Mounted Drone'

DJI partners with BYD to unveil the first vehicle-mounted drone. The YangWang U8 hybrid all-electric Chinese supercar can be equipped with the roof-mounted drone docking station, which supports battery charging and automatic landing.

DJI Terra Update For Drone LiDAR Data Processing

New features for LiDAR data processing have been added to DJI Terra. This includes contour line generation, vertical profile measurements, and increased efficiency for point cloud reconstruction. The update is suitable for data collected with the DJI Zenmuse L2 and L1.

How UK Councils Are Benefiting From DJI Drones

Drones are proving to be a valuable asset for local authorities in the UK, offering efficient and cost-effective solutions amidst tightening budgets. They are utilised for various tasks, including inspections, surveying, traffic monitoring, surveillance, and tackling anti-social behaviour.

DJI L2 Drone LiDAR Enhances Workflows at Everton Stadium Development

In-depth case study exploring how the DJI Zenmuse L2 drone LiDAR and photogrammetry solution has increased efficiency and accuracy during the development of Everton Football Club's new stadium and how drones are benefiting construction workflows.

Demonstrating The ROI Of DJI FlyCart 30 Delivery Drone

Case studies demonstrate the benefits of deploying the DJI FlyCart 30 drone for deliveries. The user-success stories show how FlyCart 30 boosts efficiency, reduces costs, and increases accessibility across a range of applications, including the energy sector, maritime industry, and for search and rescue.

DJI Modify Drone 3D Model Editing Software Launched

DJI has launched DJI Modify, an intelligent 3D model editing software. Use in conjunction with DJI Terra to repair common defects in 3D models. DJI Modify is designed to improve drone surveying workflows.

Top Safety Features Of DJI FlyCart 30 Delivery Drone

A comprehensive redundancy report details the key safety mechanisms of the DJI FlyCart 30 delivery drone. DJI has conducted more than 100,000 flights over the last three years to ensure the reliability of this aerial transport solution.

DJI Removes Majority Of Its Drone Geofencing Restrictions

DJI removes the majority of its drone geofencing restrictions in the UK and throughout Europe. The updated GEO system will feature UAS geographical zone data from national aviation authorities. It removes the need to unlock permission to fly in certain areas.

DJI FlyCart 30 Delivery Drone Launched Globally

DJI has launched a delivery drone. The new DJI FlyCart 30 sees DJI officially enter the drone delivery market.

Consultation On UK Drone Training

UK CAA second-phase consultation proposes an extension to the UK remote pilot competence scheme, to develop a training framework which includes complex operations, such as BVLOS.

White Paper: How Important Are GCPs For Drone Surveying?

An academic white paper explores the accuracy of drone surveying with and without ground information. The EuroSDR benchmark focused on the data quality from real-world network configurations in the absence of ground control and RTK GNSS solutions.

UK CAA Unveils BVLOS Sandbox Trial

The UK CAA is looking for stakeholders to join its Regulatory Sandbox to help shape the future of BVLOS drone operations. Participating organisations will trial systems to enable the integration of UAS into unsegregated airspace utilising temporary reserved areas.

Improving Major Incident Response With DJI Drones

Lincolnshire Resilience Forum is deploying DJI drones and Esri ArcGIS software to better prepare and respond to major incidents. Drones are used to create 3D models of at-risk sites for enhanced planning and incident response and real-time updates can be viewed agency-wide via the Esri dashboard for improved coordination.

Drones Help UK Power Networks Fix Power Cuts Faster And More Safely

UK Power Networks is deploying drones to help improve fault response along its rural networks and restore power more quickly and safely. Heliguy trained eight pilots from UK Power Networks to help the firm adopt DJI drones.

CAA Consultation On UK Drone Regulations

CAA releases Review of UK UAS Regulation consultation, covering topics such as Remote ID, class-marking, and expanding flyer education requirements.

3D Models With Drone Photogrammetry Data

Guide to creating 3D models with drone photogrammetry data. View interactive dataset of Lincoln City's football stadium and follow step-by-step workflow guide to creating the model. Find out how 3D models can benefit commercial operations.

DJI Unveils Dock 2 Mini Drone In A Box

DJI releases Dock 2, which operates with new DJI Matrice 3TD/3D drones.

Innovative Drone Command Unit Launched By Heliguy and Venari

Innovative Drone Command Unit unveiled by Heliguy and Venari. State of the art vehicle includes live monitoring capabilities, remote satellite connectivity, and drone-in-a-box integration. It provides an all-in-one command and control hub for drone operations.

Data Security On DJI Dock Drone In A Box Software

A guide to data security on DJI Dock software. Learn about the mechanisms in place on solutions such as DJI FlightHub 2, FlytBase, and Drone Harmony to ensure user data is safe when operating the DJI Dock.