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Portable Battery Generators.

Ditch The Gas Generator

The EcoFlow range of portable power stations provide an industrial amount of clean, quiet and renewable energy.

These smart and powerful solutions are ideal for home backup, off-grid adventures, and professional use - helping you stay powered for hours, whenever and wherever.

There are numerous advantages of using battery-powered generators instead of a gasoline generator. These include: 

  • Lightweight and Compact: Compared to gasoline generators, battery generators are more compact and lightweight. This makes them a more portable option.            
  • Safely Use Indoors: Gasoline generators are loud and emit carbon monoxide, which causes hundreds of deaths annually. During power outages or home activities, you can safely use battery generators indoors. A battery generator is also quieter, and, because it is not burning fuel, it is also great for the environment.
  • Save Time and Money: Maintaining a gasoline generator can be expensive and time-consuming, plus you have to buy the gasoline itself. There is also a risk of gasoline generators enduring overload damage. Battery-powered generators, on the other hand, require no maintenance and are cheaper and more convenient to run. In fact, the EcoFlow DELTA can be charged by solar power - essentially making it free to run.

ecoflow delta battery generator   

An Outdoor Or Indoor Generator

Fast Recharge And Power Multiple Devices Simultaneously

The DELTA 1300, by EcoFlow, is a new generation of battery-powered generator.

This portable power bank is safe and easy to use, and is gasoline-free.

With a 1260Wh capacity, DELTA can run fridges, lights, medical devices, and other appliances, so you are always ready for the unexpected and prepared for an emergency. 

Thanks to its Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) when DELTA detects a power failure, it automatically kicks into gear, which allows a computer or any other sensitive utilities to keep running. 

Priced £1,399, the DELTA 1300 is cheaper than many of its competitors. It can also be recharged much quicker than other similar products on the market.

Key Features

    • Super-fast Recharge: Delta benefits from X-Stream Recharge Technology - providing the fastest recharge rate on the market, working 10x times faster than competing brands of battery-powered generators. This means DELTA can be fully recharged in under two hours using any regular wall outlet, and 0 to 80% in one hour.
    • Up To 13 Devices Powered Simultaneously: DELTA’s system includes four regular USB ports, two 60-watt USB-C ports plus four wall outlets on the International edition and six wall outlets on the American edition. DELTA meets the standard of any wall outlet so you’ll always feel right at home.
    • Solar Installation: Harness the power of the sun by recharging DELTA with solar. DELTA is compatible with any solar panels on the market. In perfect sunlight and 400W of solar panels, DELTA can be fully recharged in just four hours. DELTA can be hooked up to an already existing solar roof installation.
    • Rigid Structure: DELTA was strategically designed to have a low,  solid centre of gravity, mitigating rollover risk. It is also made with aerospace-grade aluminium and high-strength steel to achieve maximum strength and durability.
    • Power Management System: Extends power surge up to 3300W and prevents overload. 
    • Battery Management System: Delta has 140 lithium-ion battery cells. These are regulated by the Battery Management System using AI algorithms, which take care of their health and extend DELTA's performance and lifecycle.

DELTA - A Versatile And Portable Power Station

The DELTA 1300 is a versatile generator which can be used for a range of purposes, including throughout the home, on the road, or for work.  

With its 1800W AC Output, DELTA is a reliable solution for your power needs. It can even charge your electric vehicle in case of an emergency! It can even charge a Tesler! 

The list below provides examples of how DELTA can power your world.  

Power Your Life

  • Smart phone - 3Ah: 106 times
  • Fridge or freezer (Energy Star) - 150W (1200w): 7 hours
  • Microwave (800W) - 1300W: 0.8 hours
  • Four-cup coffee-maker - 600W: 52 cups 
  • Dishwasher, cool dry - 216W (540W): 4.9 hours
  • Iron - 800W (1200W): 1.3 hours
  • Radio - 5W: 210 hours
  • 50" Flat-screen TV - 110W: 9 hours
  • Home printer - 400W: 2.6 hours
  • Toaster - 680W (1200W): 1.5 hours (45 pieces)
  • LED Lights - 10W: 105 hours
  • Drone - 60Wh: 20 times

Based on a DELTA running time with 1300Wh

Power Your Work

  • Drills 3/8 inch, 4 amps - 440W (600W): 2.4 hours
  • Electric chainsaw, 14 inches, 2hp - 1100W: 1 hour
  • Rotary hammer - 1200W: 0.9 hours 
  • Drain cleaner - 250W: 4.2 hours
  • High-pressure washer, 1 hp - 1200W (3200w): 0.9 hours
  • Concrete vibrator, 1/2hp - 840W: 1.2 hours
  • Circular saw, heavy duty, 7 1/4 in, 1400W (2300W): 0.7 hours
  • Bench grinder, 8 in - 1400W (2500W): 0.7 hours
  • Air compressor, 1/2 hp - 975W (1600W): 1.1 hours
  • Fan duty 1/4 horsepower - 650W (1200W): 1.6 hours
  • Split phase 1/8 horsepower - 275W (1200W): 3.8 hours
  • Demolition hammer - 1260W: 0.8 hours

Based on a DELTA running time with 1300Wh

How DELTA Compares To The Competition

Thanks to its lightweight and super-fast recharging times, DELTA is a reliable portable battery generator. See how it compares to the competition.

DELTA 1300

YETI 1400

Honda 2200i





Charging Time

1.7 hours

25 hours



1260 Wh




AC Output (Watts)

(Surge 3300W)

(Surge 3000W)

(Surge 2200W)

Shelf Life

12 months

3 - 6 months



6 AC Outlets


2 AC Outlets


2 AC Outlets




47lbs (dry weight)

Can Use Indoors




Bulky Adaptor




Clean, Quiet, Fume-free




Annual Maintenance Cost



£100 - £150

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about the EcoFlow DELTA

Can I connect DELTA together?

Theoretically speaking, you can connect as many DELTAs in serial (but not in parallel) as you want. However, the efficiency of the machines will be seriously compromised (The energy consumption of the inverters grows with the number of connected machines).  

As a result, it is not recommended to connect more than 3 DELTAs in serial, and it is necessary to fully charge every DELTA before you connect them together. 
Moreover, connecting DELTA in serial will not increase the rated output, but will expand the capacity.
Can I use DELTA to charge my devices while it is charged through the car port?

DELTA can be recharged through your car port and power your devices simultaneously.

Can I charge my DELTA through the DC and AC port at the same time? If so, does DELTA prioritise taking in electricity through the DC (solar) port?

When DELTA is charged through the AC and DC port at the same time, it will prioritise taking in power through the AC port. After you plucked out the AC cable, DELTA will start taking in electricity through the DC port.

What is the charging time when DELTA is charged by an AC cable?

DELTA can be recharged to 0%~80% in 1 hour, and be fully recharged in 1 hour 40 minutes.

What is the charging time when DELTA is charged by a car port cable?

DELTA can be fully charged through a 13.6V car port in 10-12 hours.

What is the charging time when DELTA is charged by 110W EcoFlow Solar Panels?

At perfect sunlight:

a. 1x 110W solar panel: 15h-30h
b. 2x 110W solar panel (in series): 7.5h-15h
c. 3x 110W solar panel (in series): 5h-10h
d. 4x 110W solar panel (in parallel):
DELTA supports solar input ranges from 10V to 65V with a maximum allowed current of 10A and a maximum input of 400W. 
What is the noise level of DELTA?

In the Noise Test Chamber

Test condition:
1. Noise Tester: TES-1357
2. Ambient noise: 33.8dB
3. Test outcome: the average outcome from the front, back, right, and left.
Test results:
Condition 1: AC outlet: <500w; the="" fan:="" 10%="" full="" speed,="" <40db,="" 2-meter="" distance;  <="" div="">
Condition 2: AC outlet: 500W-1200W; the fan: 30% full speed, <45db, 2-meter="" distance; <="" div="">
Condition 3: AC outlet: >1200W; the fan: 100% full speed, <50db, 2-meter="" distance. ="" <="" div="">
Can DELTA Charge EV?

Most Tesla models (Model X, the new version of Model S, Model 3) can be charged by DELTA, except Model S.

In order to meet the UL2743 standard, DELTA's sockets are not grounded. EcoFlow has tested for hundreds of times on different devices. EcoFlow has found Tesla needs a grounded cable, however, other electric vehicles and equipment with grounded chargers can all be charged by DELTA properly.
What is the recommended temperature range for use of DELTA?

Discharge Temperature Range: -4-113°F (-20-45°C)

Recharge Temperature Range: 32-113°F (0-45°C)
When the ambient temperature is above 113F or below -4F, the high temperature or low temperature warning icon on DELTA's screen will light up and flash correspondingly. At the same time the battery management system (BMS) will regulate the input and output of power to protect DELTA.
If you want to charge your DELTA in low-temperature environments (between -20°C – 0°C) please use your DELTA to power an electronic with a voltage over 500W for over 10 minutes to warm up DELTA before charging it.
What is DELTA’s lifespan?

After 800 cycles of use, DELTA's capacity will drop to 60%. However, the lifespan of a battery depends on how it is used, maintained, etc.

How should I store and maintain my DELTA?

Please keep your DELTA connected to a power source (solar panel or wall socket) to help prolong the battery life and ensure your DELTA is charged and ready for use anytime. 

If you cannot keep your DELTA connected to a power source during storage, please fully charge and discharge the battery at least once every 3 months to maintain the battery health. 
Also store your DELTA in a cool, dry place.
Can I use third-party solar panels or accessories?

EcoFlow's warranty does not cover any damage cause by third-party solar panels or accessories.

What's the maximum number of solar panels I can connect with my DELTA?

DELTA can be charged by Ecoflow solar panels when the open-circuit voltage is between 10V and 65V. You can connect up to 3 EcoFlow solar panels in series. You can also connect 2 sets of 3 solar panels connected in series in parallel (up to 6 panels). The parallel connection cable is an optional accessory that needs to be purchased separately.

Can I use DELTA for my off-grid house?

Yes, you can! If your house is not off-grid, please cut off the connection between power grid and your house before powering your house using DELTA.

Can I jumpstart a car using DELTA?

You cannot use DELTA to jumpstart your car, because the current needed for jumpstarting a car is higher than 20An (DELTA's car port can only allow a maximum current of 8An). 

DELTA can charge the lead batteries of your car through the car charge cable included in your DELTA parcel.
Which type of cables can be used to connect solar panels to DELTA?

You can use MC4-XT60 cable to recharge your DELTA. This type of cable comes with the box.

How long does it take for DELTA to charge my Tesla?

DELTA can charge Tesla around 40 minutes. After charging by DELTA you can drive your Tesla for 3-5 miles. However, the mileage that can be lasted after one charge by DELTA varies, it depends on the types of EVs you are driving and the ambient temperatures.

Do the AC ports support pure sine wave or modified sine?

DELTA's AC ports support pure sine wave. As a result, when you plug your electronics in DELTA, they are well-protected with less generated electrical noise and longer-lasting motors.

Can DELTA be used inline as a UPS for uninterrupted power?

DELTA supports an entry-level UPS function. But please perform multiple tests to confirm compatibility before connecting such devices as data servers and workstations with DELTA. EcoFlow will not be responsible for any loss of data or equipment damage caused by customers’ failure in following the instructions.

What is EcoFlow Solar Panel’s waterproof level?

The solar panels are IP67 rated so they can still function in the rain but the performances of the panels depend on how much sunlight is available. You can rest the solar panels on the car roof, the boat roof and the roof of your house for efficient and convenient solar power (You can purchase EcoFlow's suction cups separately to help attach the panels to flat surfaces).

Is DELTA equipped with a MPPT controller?

DELTA is equipped with the EcoFlow patented fast-tracking MPPT controller, which is supported by EcoFlow's unique tracking algorithm. This algorithm helps maximise the solar input under any weather condition. DELTA supports any solar input ranges from 10V to 65V with a maximum allowed current of 10A and a maximum input of 400W. You can chain your solar panels in series or in parallel to maximise the solar input.