Boscam Galaxy D4 with Build in DVR Review

boscam d4

This monitor has a foldable sunshade which also acts as a screen protector when not in use. The unit looks well designed and strong.

doscam d4 7

What’s in the box of the Boscam Galaxy D4

doscam d4 2

There is also a charger included separately when you buy it from It also comes with deans and XT60 connectors if you’d like to run it from an external battery and a AV lead for inputting and outputting audio and video.

doscam d4 3

There is for 4 antennas for great diversity to help you keep maximum signal. There is also a door on the back for fitting the battery.

doscam d4 5

One of the great features of this monitor is that it has a built-in DVR for recording your flights on to an SD card.

There is also a AV in and an AV out so this monitor can be used for other jobs or like playing videos and DVDs.

doscam d4 6

There is only 6 buttons so the monitor is very easy to use.


  • Large bright  4:3 screen so you can finally have the correct  ratio  for your FPV Cameras 🙂
  • Well built, high quality plastic
  • Clean design, not many switches/buttons to fiddle with
  • Built in battery bay and built in DVR
  • Foldable sunshade which acts as screen protector when not in use


  • The only thing i did not like as with all FPV monitors it does not have Active deinterlacing so it won’t get the maximum quality from an analog input 🙁

Boscam Galaxy D4 Specs

  • TV lines: 450TVL (a DVD is 500TVL so 450 is good)
  • Channel: 32CH
  • one of the best FPV monitors i’ve seen.
  • Screen size: 8 inch
  • Screen Type: TFT LCD Screen / Long life LED backlight
  • Resolution: 800 x 600
  • Brightness: 350 cd/m2
  • Contrast: 500:1
  • View angle: 140/120 degree(horizontal/vertical)
  • Working voltage: 7 -24V
  • Power consumption: < 10w
  • Working temperature: -10 – 65 degrees
  • Size: 200 x 173 x 36mm

Advanced Specs

  • Spatial resolution: 500×380
  • Active deinterlacing: none
  • Deinterlacing method: Blend

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