Activating the DJI Spark by Using DJI GO 4 App

When you first receive your Spark you will need to activate it, here is a guide on how to activate your new aircraft.


  1. Plug the micro USB plug into the rear port of the Spark and charge the drone. To wake the drone up, tap the button once. This will display that the craft is charging. Wait for the drone to be fully charged before proceeding.
  2. Turn on your aircraft and connect the drone to your phone/remote with the WIFI network. 
  3. Launch DJI Go 4 and login. 
  4. When prompted to activate click “next”.
  5. Read the terms and conditions and click “I Agree”.
  6. Now name your aircraft, you can always change this later on. 
  7. Tap continue and set the Unit of the parameter.
  8. Tap continue and turn on beginner mode.
  9. Tap continue and turn on “Enable Advanced Gesture Mode”.
  10. Tap continue and set a joystick mode.
  11. Disconnect your mobile device from the Aircraft’s WIFI and connect to a network with an internet connection.
  12. Tap continue and confirm your account.
  13. Tap activate, disconnect your mobile device from the internet and re connect it to your DJI Spark.
  14. Your spark has now been activated.

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