Linking your M200 aircraft with the remote

Linking your M200 with the remote controller has been made very easy, here is a step by step guide to help you.

  1. Connect your mobile device to the controller. 
  2. Turn on your controller.
  3. Turn on your aircraft. 
  4. On the DJI Go 4 app tap the RC Icon at the top of the screen and enter remote controller settings.
  5. On this page select “Linking Remote Controller” and tap “Ok” on the “Link RC” pop up prompt.
  6. The remote controller will beep twice and the indicator will flash blue.
  7. Go to your aircraft and open the rear of the aircraft and press the “Linking Button”, the button is also the “Linking Status Indicator”.
  8. The “Linking Status Indicator” will flash red quickly.
  9. Linking is complete when the remote and the crafts indicators go green.

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