Stop a Drone Attack: Detection And Defence Systems Put To The Test

Stop a Drone Attack: Detection And Defence Systems Put To The Test

Event Date: 2018-01-01

Innovative solutions to defend against a rogue drone attack – including Heliguy’s DJI AeroScope and OpenWorks Engineering’s net capture technology – have been demonstrated at counter UAS events this week.

Innovative solutions to defend against a rogue drone attack – including Heliguy’s DJI AeroScope and OpenWorks Engineering’s net capture technology – have been demonstrated at counter UAS events.

Demonstrating one of OpenWorks Engineering's net capture solutions.

The Drone Detection and Mitigation Demonstration was staged by Operational Solutions Limited (OSL) last week (September 11 and 12) and welcomed a worldwide audience of delegates in association with GTI Aviation Training.

heliguy™ is a DJI AeroScope expert and has integrated the sophisticated system with OSL’s high-tech FACE interface. This layered solution has already been installed at major UK airports.

Heliguy's Kevin Morton with a G8 DJI AeroScope Unit.

Other key names to attend OSL’s drone detection showcase included Rinicom, Robin Radar Systems BV and Aaronia.

The event demonstrated how the industry is coming together to combat the threat of rogue drones and showed the importance of integrating multiple systems to achieve a comprehensive detection solution.

OSL's FACE technology in action at the demonstration.

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Delegates from major players in the aviation industry, including NATS, Air Canada, Brussels Airport, the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore and the Federal Ministry Republic of Austria attended the OSL demonstration.

The event was particularly timely, given that a number of people have been arrested as protesters attempted to fly drones near Heathrow on Thursday night to highlight the role air travel plays in the escalating climate emergency.

heliguy™ Demonstrated DJI AeroScope Capabilities

As the UK’s leading drone supplier, heliguy™ is delighted to be at the forefront of key discussions about protecting airspace from rogue UAVs.

And when it comes to DJI AeroScope, heliguy™ is an expert in the field, having already installed the system at key UK airports.

heliguy™ is a DJI AeroScope expert.

Heliguy’s AeroScope solution also helped to detect drones being flown illegally during this year’s British Grand Prix weekend at Silverstone. This helped the authorities intervene quickly and take appropriate action. Click to read the full story.

DJI AeroScope, supplied by heliguy™, helped track illegal drone use at Silverstone.

AeroScope monitors the movements of drones in a certain area in real-time, helping to identify friendly drones and potential foes.

This comprehensive platform receives important information about the UAVs which are flying in its range, including serial number, speed, direction, home position, real-time telemetry data and the make and model of the aircraft.

This information helps AeroScope users make an informed response and security decision as soon as possible, helping to prevent accidental drone collisions or disruption and ensure that drone pilots are acting within the regulations in any given area.

There are two types of AeroScope Unit – Stationary and Portable.

The Portable AeroScope Unit can be set up quickly and easily anywhere it’s needed. It’s perfect for use at temporary events, mobile deployments or other instances where you need to protect the airspace around you at short notice.

A Portable DJI AeroScope Unit.

The Stationary Unit is designed to be in continuous use outdoors. One of the most significant advantages of using it is the ability to customise and configure the unit precisely to the site that needs to be monitored.

heliguy™ installing the UK’s first AeroScope G16 solution.

heliguy™ demonstrated a Stationary G8 Unit, integrated with FACE, at OSL’s drone detection event. And the system flexed its muscles – picking up all of the demonstration drones in its path.

Heliguy’s Kevin Morton – who has been a key player in the installation of AeroScope systems around the UK – said: “It was a fantastic event, hosted by Operational Solutions Limited, and we were honoured to have been apart of it and to support all 40+ attendees from airports all over the globe.

“DJI AeroScope has a track record of detecting rogue drones and providing early intervention. True to form, it was a reliable performer at OSL’s event, reliably detecting drones during the demonstration. The delegates at the event were impressed with AeroScope’s capabilities.

“As well as showcasing AeroScope, it was great to catch up with Rinicom, OpenWorks Engineering Ltd and Robin Radar Systems B.V. It really showed what can be achieved when the best products in the industry are amalgamated into one integration tool.”

Heliguy's DJI AeroScope solution was well received at OSL's drone detection event.

FACE Interface

OSL has created FACE to protect organisations across the globe from drone disruption.

OSL's FACE interface.

Using data from real-time detection sensors, FACE is an industry-leading business intelligence system, giving users the confidence that if drone misuse strikes, they are fully protected.

FACE allows the operator to clearly identify drones, and where applicable, control commands to the drone effector – such as jammers and physical interception systems.

Lee Mansell, Chief Operating Officer for OSL, said: “I was delighted with the turnout for the event both from interested parties and, of course, OSL’s partner companies.

"In particular the support from heliguy™ was very much appreciated as they contributed both a sensor in the G8 AeroScope and some drones to add to the live flying events. We very much look forward to working together in the future on similar events."

Using A Gun To Capture Rogue Drones

One of the more eye-catching drone defence solutions to go on show this week was OpenWorks’ range of SkyWall products.

These handheld and autonomous systems fire a net from a gun to capture rogue drones.

Among its systems, OpenWorks Engineering – based in Northumberland – has unveiled SkyWall Auto Response – the world’s first vehicle-mounted drone capture system.

The SkyWall Auto Response.

The system provides security forces with a way of protecting a large area using the operationally proven SkyWall net capture technology, already deployed at critical national infrastructure around the world.

SkyWall Auto Response looks like any typical commercial vehicle at first sight as the drone capture system is hidden under rapidly deployable covers, ensuring the system remains discreet when not in use. When a drone threat has been detected, the vehicle can be manoeuvred quickly and the SkyWall net capture system is automatically deployed from under the cover.

The SkyWall Auto Response.

OpenWorks’ other products are the SkyWall Auto – an autonomous system that is remotely operated and rapidly captures multiple targets in accurately-delivered nets – and the SkyWall100 – a handheld system that gives a mobile operator the ability to physically capture a drone in a specifically designed net.

A SkyWall solution being demonstrated at the OSL event.

SkyWall's solutions can be deployed in conjunction with electronic counter-measures for a layered defence, or in environments where electronic attack cannot be deployed.

OpenWorks attended the DSEI defence show in London, showcasing the Auto Response, while members of its team also demonstrated the SkyWall100 at OSL’s drone detection event.

SkyWall100 at the OSL event.

heliguy™ provides OpenWorks with surplus DJI Phantom 3 drones to help test its systems.

Other Systems On Show

Other systems on show during OSL’s event included:

Robin Rodar Systems combines smart software, with affordable radar, and is built explicitly for drone detection and tracking. This piece of equipment is also integrated with the Heliguy/OSL layered detection solution.

Robin Radar.

Sky Patriot, from Rinicom, is an early warning optical drone detection system that uses AI video analytic software to quickly and reliably detect, track, and classify multiple drones kilometres away in real-time.

Sky Patriot in place at the OSL demonstration.

Aaronia, with its drone detection system the AARTOS DDS. The system is designed to detect the intrusion of unwanted drones by using real-time directional measurements of the drone’s electromagnetic emissions (including its remote control).

To find out more about Heliguy's drone detection package, call us or send an email.