£1million allocated by Heliguy to help your enterprise drone programme

£1million allocated by Heliguy to help your enterprise drone programme

Heliguy allocates £1m of stock to help government bodies start and grow their enterprise drone programmes - but hurry, this offer is first come, first served.

Last updated: Apr 28, 2021

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UPDATE (April 28, 2021): heliguy™ Full Stack has transitioned to our new model of drone rental. Find out more about our drone hire packages.

heliguy™ has allocated £1million of stock to help government bodies kick start and scale their enterprise drone programmes - but hurry, because this offer is only available on a first-come, first-served basis.

This batch of equipment has been specifically put aside for phase one of Full Stack - our new industry-first all-inclusive drone supply and support service for enterprise clients - and we've already had some of the UK's largest emergency services signing up. Click here to find out more.

Full Stack phase two - open to industry and large businesses - will be made available soon. Register your interest now.

Full Stack allows you to bolster your fleet with the latest equipment - from DJI and other leading industry brands - through a cost-effective pay-monthly, rolling one-year contract. You will deal directly with heliguy™, meaning there is no third-party finance involved (as it is funded by us), while our monthly payment plan means that you will pay less for your drones and sensors, and with no interest rates applied.

By giving you access to the latest equipment, Full Stack will help you to reduce your risk and will give you a competitive edge by keeping you at the forefront of the drone industry.

As the UK's largest one-stop-shop for drone provision, heliguy™ is perfectly placed to offer Full Stack.

Award-winning heliguy™ is a leading authority in the drone industry. Having formed more than a decade ago and based at our North East England HQ, we have dedicated and experienced account managers, a renowned training team, expert technicians and a cutting-edge in-house research and development consultancy.

We are the biggest DJI direct retailer in Europe and were recently awarded a Top 10 Partner of the Year (Europe) award from DJI Enterprise.

Heliguy's Business Development Manager Ruairi Hardman with the enterprise award from DJI.

There are more than 1,000 DJI enterprise drones in operation throughout the UK which have been supplied and are continuously supported by heliguy™ and our esteemed list of enterprise clients include Balfour Beatty, National Grid, Network Rail, BP, Sellafield Sites, CyberHawk, Texo DSI, Terra Drone Europe, Greater Manchester Police, London Fire Brigade, the BBC and the University of Cambridge.

Image courtesy of London Fire Brigade.

How Full Stack Can Help You Start Your Enterprise Drone Programme

Building a drone programme is not without its challenges. For instance, choosing the right hardware can be difficult, while having your equipment superseded by newer versions can lead to you being left behind in this fast-paced and constantly-evolving industry.

Alongside this, managing your fleet maintenance requires a specialist partner, with years of industry experience and the ability to provide comprehensive support and aftercare.

This is where heliguy™ and Full Stack comes in.

Our new service allows you to lease all of your equipment over 12 months, upgrade to the latest model or get your hands on a new drone annually, access complimentary equipment when yours is being repaired through our express service, priority technical support from our expert technicians, and a managed service schedule, among other perks.

Benefits of Full Stack

So, what are the benefits of Full Stack?

First of all, Full Stack eliminates your risk.

By giving you access to the latest equipment, it means that you'll have up-to-date drones in the sky, ensuring you have the competitive edge by staying at the forefront of the enterprise drone scene and are not left with aged equipment.

Another perk of Full Stack is that you pay less and you deal directly with heliguy™.

By signing up, you will enter into a pay-monthly contract, meaning less capital outlay for the latest aircraft and sensors. Crucially, you will be dealing with us, business to business, cutting out the middle man and third-party finance.

Full Stack also gives you subsidised access to our huge rental pool of drones, giving you greater flexibility to dynamically scale your fleet, test the market without committing to hardware and protects you from changes in operational requirements.


If you are interested in signing up to Full Stack phase one, or registering your interest in phase two, contact our expert enterprise team by phone or email or fill out a Full Stack submission form.





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