DJI Mavic Mini: Replacing Propellers

DJI Mavic Mini: Replacing Propellers

Replace your DJI Mavic Mini propellers with this quick and easy Heliguy™ tutorial. Learn everything you need to know to safely replace your propellers.

Last updated: Sep 28, 2021

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To ensure flight safety, you'll need to replace your propellers if your current propellers are broken or damaged.

All the tools and kit you need can be found inside the DJI Mavic Mini box. Use the specialised tools inside the box rather than home tools.

This fast Heliguy™ tutorial will teach you how to replace your DJI Mavic Mini propellers and screws safely.

  1. Locate faulty propeller

    Faulty propellers can inhibit safe flying and cause your aircraft to be unresponsive in the air. To ensure safe flying practices it's necessary you check and change your propellers regularly. Faults include things such as cracks, bends, chips and cuts.

  2. Identify propeller locations

    A raised mark next to the propeller joining hole (shown as white curve in photo) corresponds to the raised mark found on the landings gears on the aircraft.

    This picture shows the raised mark on the landing gear. It's represented as a white curve for demonstration purposes. This indicates the motor the propellers with raised marks will attach onto.

    Those propellers with no raised mark but one single silver stripe on the tip of the propeller will attach to the motor without a mark on the landing gear.

    This landing gear has no raised mark which indicates a silver stripe propeller will attach onto it.

  3. Removing propellers

    Place the screw driving into the screw holes and unscrew both propellers with care. To maintain flight stability be sure to remove and replace both propellers attached.

  4. Replacing screws

    When replacing your propellers it's best to replace the screws too. Simply slot them into the screw holes found on the propellers.

  5. Screw in new propellers

    Replace both the propeller and the screw during this process. Take your time when screwing into the propeller motor as to not damage any integral components.

  6. Ensure screws are going in correctly

    Make sure the screws are inserted correctly into the propeller motor. You'll feel resistance if they are not inserted correctly. It's important they go in correctly as to not damage the motor or new propellers.

  7. Check all propellers are on securely

    Once all propellers are screwed in it's time to check they are all secured correctly. Simply tip the aircraft on it's side and check to see if all propellers smoothly rotate in the correct direction.

That's all there is to it! You can now go out and enjoy safe flying with your DJI Mavic Mini.

You can discard of the old propellers and screws as it's unsafe to reuse old broken parts.

If you need help identifying damaged propellers be sure to give us a call and we can help you on your drone journey.

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