DJI OM4: How To Use CloneMe Panorama

DJI OM4: How To Use CloneMe Panorama

The new DJI OM4 comes with the revolutionary CloneMe creative feature. Dynamic panoramas have never be easier so grab your DJI OM4 and learn.

Last updated: Mar 01, 2021

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The new DJI OM4 affords it's users an array of intelligent creative modes when conjoined with the DJI Mimo App. One of the most popular is the CloneMe Panorama which creates a dynamic panorama by stitching multiple photos together.

Before you begin this tutorial, be sure you have the DJI Mimo App downloaded and linked with your DJI OM4.


  1. Switch to front camera

    You can switch to the front camera by 'double-clicking' the main trigger button.

  2. Choose Panorama mode

    This is found in the options under the 'Shutter Release' button. Simply slide your finger along the options and select the Panorama mode.

  3. Click CloneMe option

    Once in the Panorama mode option menu you can now choose the type of panorama. In this case, we are using the CloneMe Panorama mode option.

  4. Tap 'Shutter Release' button

    By tapping the Shutter Release button you begin the timer for the first CloneMe Panorama image to be taken. Get in position fast!

  5. Get into first position

    When in your first position try to keep as still as possible so the CloneMe Panorama can get a crisp and clean image. By moving too much the image can appear disjointed and you may have to do it again.

  6. Repeat process in alternating locations

    You now have the option to get into two alternating positions during the CloneMe Panorama mode. Make sure you stay in frame whilst in the final positions to create the perfect CloneMe Panorama.

  7. DJI Mimo App will process the image

    Now sit back and relax! The hard work is done and the DJI Mimo App will do the rest. During processing, the DJI Mimo App is stitching your three alternating images together to create one beautiful masterpiece.

  8. You completed CloneMe Panorama

    You can now share your new CloneMe Panorama with friends and family via the DJI Mimo App.

Have fun and get creative with the new CloneMe Panorama mode by DJI for the DJI OM4. This is a fantastic new opportunity for the DJI OM4 user to get creative and unique photo content.

If you require any support whilst using your OM4 be sure to contact us and our expert team of DJI specialists will help.

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