A Masterstroke From DJI @ 3D Robotics = SDK released!

A Masterstroke From DJI @ 3D Robotics = SDK released!

DJI Releases SDK For Phantom 2 Vision at a press event on San Francisco's Treasure Island. The new SDK has support for iOS and Android.

Last updated: Feb 26, 2021

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A Software Developers Kit (SDK) is an interface for coders to interface with the autopilot code and add their own functionality.

So what was DJI's strength and its weakness in regard to its autopilot?

Its strength was it was closed box and its weakness was it was closed box.

Now we have a DJI autopilot that you buy off the shelf as a closed entity with standard features, BUT NOW you can modify it if you chose to (it's still not open source).

What does this mean?

  • It re-balances some of the differences between the 3D Robotics autopilot and the standard DJI autopilot
  • DJI have leveraged its pre-existing market penetration to create even more market penetration
  • Companies can develop their own IPR in their chosen application making them likely to stick with their DJI autopilot and their DJI products.
Here comes the next home run! Pix 4D have already partnered with DJI and have a working App, combine this with the DJI creators project...goodbye 3D Robotics.  While 3D Robotics tries to raise the next round of funding from the Silicon Valley DJI are working to eliminate the competition.

dji phantom sdk

Some more factual stuff below:


DJI Phantom 2 Vision SDK

The new DJI SDK has support for both iOS and Android where it allows software developers to access a variety of data and settings available on Phantom 2 Vision Plus. The SDK also includes access to the flight controller, providing altitude, latitude, longitude, status, error information, home point and no-fly zone information, which helps you from getting into trouble.

Also included in the SDK are:
  • Battery voltage and status
  • WiFi range, power and link status
  • Ground station controls for setting programmed waypoints for automated flights
  • camera and gimbal data for full control of photo and video capturer
DJI has also featured a new sharing site for aerial photography where flyers can join the community to upload and explore inspiring videos and discover exciting photos.


One of DJI's first partners to use the SDK is Pix4D. They have developed the PIX4DMapper app that automatically processes aerial imagery from the DJI Phantom 2 Vision + using its own technology based on image content. It then has the capability to convert your footage into precise results to then plug into your GIS (Graphic Information System) and CAD. Below is PIX4D's Chalet from using the PIX4DMapper app. Other DJI SDK applications include Drone Deploy, Brightsky, PixiePath and Field of View.

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