DroneDeploy VERSUS Pix4D

DroneDeploy VERSUS Pix4D

Heliguy Insider has outlined the key features of DroneDeploy and Pix4D to help you decide which platform is best for your business needs.

Last updated: Feb 26, 2021

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ddp vs p4d banner With intuitive software solutions taking the commercial drone world by storm, heliguy™ has decided to take a look at two of the market leaders to display what they can offer to businesses considering the implementation of drone services. Read on to find out what DroneDeploy and Pix4D can offer and how they could benefit your commercial UAV plans. There's a lot of information available about these solutions so we've distilled it down to the key points you'll need to make a decision. We're available to chat on 0191 296 1024 or info@heliguy.com if you want to learn more after reading this comparison.


DroneDeploy is an intuitive solution used to create aerial maps and 3D models. Using their mobile app - which is available on both Android and iOS - it’s possible to transform a range of DJI drones into reliable and powerful mapping tools.

dronedeploy user journey

Product Overview

DroneDeploy's software facilitates automated flights from take-off and right through to landing while automatically capturing images that can be uploaded to their software for processing. These stills can be used to create a range of visualised data from 2D maps to 3D models.

DroneDeploy Key Features

  • An intuitive, simple to use solution
  • Affordably priced and feature rich
  • Potential for a greater ROI when compared to its competitors
  • Rapid processing and accurate results
  • Works with a range of DJI drones
  • An all in one drone surveying and mapping solution


DroneDeploy’s mobile app allows users access to automated mapping services which are suitable for both beginners and professionals. Giving you complete control out in the field, their solution is a must-have for those looking to conduct aerial mapping services. DroneDeploy App Image The app makes it simple to create flight plans on any device allowing you to launch a mission with automated take-off, flight, image capture and landing. You can keep on top of your flight through a live first person view and are free to take back control of the drone at any time.

Key App Features

  • Intuitive user experience packed with functionality
  • Instantly measure both area and volume
  • Access your orthomosaics, NDVI data, interactive maps and 3D models
  • Collaboration is made easy via shared maps and comment functionality
  • Help is always at hand thanks to DroneDeploy’s in-app support
  • Seamless compatibility with a wide range of DJI drones
These features make it simple to put together a range of data visualisations from orthomosaic, NDVI and digital elevation interactive maps to 3D models. DroneDeploy's full functionality suite is available for use through seamless integration with a highly intuitive app, making your aerial mapping projects as easy as the results are accurate.


DroneDeploy is a tool for professionals looking to add an intuitive aerial mapping solution to their business plan. See below for examples of how you can successfully use this software in a range of industries.

Inspection, Construction & Mining

DroneDeploy Inspection Gif
  • Automated Flight: Use the free DroneDeploy app (available on iOS & Android) to fly DJI's drone series
  • Rapid Map Processing: You can upload images from your drone to create a high-quality map
  • Elevation & 3D Models: DroneDeploy allows you to create and analyse elevation maps and 3D models
  • Instantaneous Measurements: Real-time measurement of distance, area and volume are possible
  • Collaborative Focus: Share maps with other users and access a range of powerful tools to turn your insights into actions


DroneDeploy NDVI Gif
  • Automated Flight: Use the free DroneDeploy app (available on iOS & Android) to fly DJI's drone series
  • Rapid Map Processing: You can upload images from your drone to create a high-quality map
  • Detect Crop Stress: View maps in the NDVI format to detect crop stress and any worrying variance
  • Collaborative Focus: Share NDVI maps with other agricultural professionals and access tools that turn your insights into actions
  • Widely Compatible: Export your maps to a range of precision agriculture software to allow for planning and crop management

Drone Services

DroneDeploy Map CroppingGif
  • Automated Flight: Use the free DroneDeploy app (available on iOS & Android) to fly DJI's drone series
  • Rapid Map Processing: You can upload images from your drone to create a high-quality map
  • In-Depth Analysis: DroneDeploy gives you access to a number of tools that can analyse data for a range of disparate industries
  • Build A Drone Services Brand: The data you collect can be shared with clients using your own unique brand
  • Widely Compatible: Export your maps to a range of precision agriculture software to allow for planning and crop management

DroneDeploy Measurement Gif



Map + 3D Model Processing

5 / month Unlimited Unlimited

Max Photo Upload per Map

500 1,000 3,000

Max 2D Resolution

5 cm/pixel 2 cm/pixel 1 cm/pixel

Processing Priority

+ ++ +++


Community Email + Chat Email + Chat

Android + iOS Mobile App

yes yes yes

Annotations + Collaboration

yes yes yes

NDVI + Elevation Layers

no yes yes

Volume Measurement

no yes yes

Map + 3D Export

no yes yes

Shapefile + Contour Export

no no yes

RTK + Custom Coordinates

no no yes

User Management

no no yes

Co-Branded Portal

no no yes

Ground Control Points

no no Cost per map


If you would like to learn more about DroneDeploy or how heliguy™ can help you as a licensed re-seller, you can either visit our Enterprise Page or contact us via the details below:

Email: info@heliguy.com

Call: 0191 296 1024


Pix4D has been designed to allow professionals to generate high-quality 2D and 3D data through the use of aerial imagery. The photogrammetry aspect of the software uses the images captured by UAVs to generate results ranging from point clouds to digital surface and terrain models, orthomosaics to textured models. pix4d user journey

Pix4D Products

There is a range of products available for Pix4D all aimed at different markets and professional services. Read on to find out what each of the versions offers and how it could benefit your business.

Pix4D mapper Pro

Pix4Dmapper Pro turns your aerial imagery into a series of precisely georeferenced 2D maps and 3D models. The results are open to customisation, processed accurately and at speed, as well as complementing a variety of applications and software which makes it a truly personalised solution. pix4d mapper pro features
  • Create 3D Point Clouds: Offering a series of results that are 'denser' than traditional laser-scanning, the Pix4D point cloud is derived from a number of overlapping images which gives you precise locational data on your reconstruction of the object space
  • Digital Surface & Terrain Modelling: Pix4D's digital models provide you with the elevation value of each pixel (with or without above-ground objects) which means they're prepared to complement your preferred GIS workflow
  • Orthomosaic: Create a high-resolution map utilising each pixel of the original images which are projected onto the digital surface model which means there's no distortion of perspective, allowing you to access truly accurate geolocation
  • Volume Calculations: You're able to output calculated volumes which offer a flawless representation of stockpiles, supported by an editable base height, allowing for even more precise measurement
  • Contour Lines: For a quick, simplified visualisation of an area's topography, this feature lays out a series of contours which roughly display the elevation of your subject
  • 3D Textured Model: Create a model using full-3D triangular mesh and photorealistic texturing
  • Thermography: Generate a radiometrically-precise thermal map with an accessible temperature value for each and every pixel

Pix4D bim

This product gives you the power to visualise, analyse and verify the 'as-built' data on-site using a suite of image processing features which are available both on your desktop or over the cloud. Your results can be studied and shared via Pix4D's cloud-based server and compared to your original BIM 'as-design' concepts. pix4d bim features
  • Photorealistic 3D Modelling: The desktop version of Pix4Dbim lets you create 3D models, conduct surface and volume measurements, implement contours, and carry out generic visualisation. High-res imagery can be viewed for inspections by simply clicking anywhere on the 3D model
  • Cloud-Based Timeline: As you collect your data it is displayed on an intuitive timeline broadcast over the cloud and allows 2D and 3D data to be accessed, as well as annotated and shared
  • BIM Comparison: You're able to import drawings into the Pix4Dbim cloud to compare 'as-built' orthophotos with 'as-design' concepts, which means that construction errors can be spotted before they have a chance to impact the build and schedule diagrams ensure that you're on track to hit targets


Pix4Dfields is an advanced agriculture mapping software for aerial crop analysis and digital farming. It allows you to inspect, analyse and visualise your crop changes all year round and, thanks to the new instant processing engine, you can generate and share high-resolution maps while you are in the field.

Pix4D model

Looking for an intuitive, powerful 3D modelling software to use alongside your drone? Pix4Dmodel has everything you'll need. You can process imagery automatically to create photorealistic 3D models and export fly-through videos and full-textured mesh models to add to a drone showreel which is shareable on your business website and social media channels. pix4d model features
  • Shareable 3D Models: Export your imagery in a range of file formats ready to upload to various 3D visualisation platforms
  • Fly-Through Videos: Especially useful for a real-estate company, the ability to create a fly-through path allows you to capture a dynamic 3D video that highlights properties inside and out
  • Output Compatibility: You can import Pix4D’s file types (.obj, .fbx, .dxf, ply and 3D pdf mesh files) into a wide range of 3D modelling and animation software
  • 3D Printable Outputs: The meshes you can create with Pix4Dmodel are 3D printable which allows you to develop your design plans rapidly, from architectural models to industrial concept prototypes


Pix4D is a suite of tools for professionals looking for a powerful aerial mapping and modelling solution to add to their business plan. See below for examples of how you can successfully use this software in a range of industries.


Pix4D enables you to benefit from the disruptive force of aerial imagery in the surveying and mapping sectors. The software makes obtaining highly accurate results much more time-efficient and provides the scope for intuitive measurement and detailed project analysis. pix4d surveying
  • Mining: Reduce the danger of surveying mine sites with a more efficient method that can - amongst other use cases - monitor extractions, distribution and disposal without exposing the operator to hazardous situations
  • Mapping: With Pix4D, you're able to create 2D and 3D results that benefit a range of industries from architecture and city modelling to environmental surveys and emergency service incident monitoring
  • Forensics: It's crucial to get as much detailed information as possible from a crime scene. Pix4D's aerial imaging solution gathers this critical data rapidly and effectively allowing for the preservation of visual evidence


Detailed monitoring of construction sites as they evolve has been made possible by georeferenced orthophotos and 3D data from Pix4D's software. You're able to view the 'as-built' situation of your site in real-time which ensures up-to-date measurements and targeted analysis, making overseeing site productivity and giving you access to virtual inspections for increased efficiency. construction pix4d
  • Earthworks: Volumetric analysis, stockpile measurements, and contour data.
  • BIM: Monitor 'as-built' site status to stay on task with BIM scheduling.
  • Inspection: Photogrammetry ensures safe and efficient post-flight inspections.


One of the most rapidly growing sectors for drone services, it's no surprise that Pix4D has focused an entire product on agriculture. Access vital data for quick response and workflow efficiency that will result in better crop yields. You're able to convert multispectral and RGB images into NDVI maps, and orthomosaics of your fields for complete oversight of your operation. agriculture pix4d
  • Available Offline or Online: Pix4Dag offers both desktop and cloud processing - whatever the requirements within your operation, you can intuitively adjust the workflow to your needs
  • Access the Index Calculator: Enabling you to access the potential of your multispectral data, you can generate NDVI maps as well as classifying and preparing your own prescriptive maps
  • Integrate & Collaborate: From prescriptive maps to variable application maps, you can export results in a variety of industry standard formats ready for use in farming equipment. Share NDVI maps directly from your browser for collaboration without compromising your privacy thanks to Pix4D's dedication to user security

Real Estate

Looking to get an edge on the competition? Pix4D allows you to show 3D representations of your properties on the web. You can use the software to pilot your drone, take still and convert these images into photorealistic 3D models. Visitors to your site will be able to easily navigate your models to observe their chosen property from a detailed aerial perspective. You can also create and customise fly-through videos and 3D models to add an extra USP to your service. real estate pix4d
  • Compatible with Consumer Drones: Use Pix4D's mobile flight planning app to capture the images you need to construct your maps and models
  • Automated Processing: With Pix4D's app or web uploader, you're able to send images to the Pix4Dmodel cloud and create detailed 3D models
  • Share Your Work: Oce you have produced a 3D model or fly-through it can be viewed or shared via any browser



Desktop Processing

Unlimited (desktop + laptop) Unlimited (desktop + laptop) Unlimited (1 device) Unlimited (1 device)

Cloud Processing

Unlimited* Unlimited* Unlimited* Unlimited*

Flight Planning

Pix4Dcapture Pix4Dcapture Pix4Dcapture Pix4Dcapture

Flythrough video

Desktop Desktop Desktop Desktop


Desktop Cloud Desktop Cloud Desktop Cloud -

Digital surface model (DSM)

Desktop Cloud Desktop Cloud Cloud -

Digital terrain model (DTM)

Desktop Cloud Desktop Cloud Cloud -

3D point cloud

Desktop Cloud Desktop Cloud - -

3D textured model

Desktop Cloud Desktop Cloud - Desktop Cloud

2D measurement

Desktop Cloud Desktop Cloud Desktop Cloud Desktop

2D vector output

Desktop Desktop - -

Volume measurement

Desktop Desktop - -

Index map (NDVI, etc.)

Desktop Cloud - Desktop Cloud -

Timeline analysis

- Cloud - -

CAD drawing overlay

- Cloud - -

Web sharing

Cloud Cloud Cloud Cloud


Personal support Personal support Personal support Forum and knowledge base
* based on fair usage, 15 projects/month of 150 images @ 15 MP. Conditions may change at any time.


If you would like to learn more about Pix4D, its potential applications or how it could benefit your commercial strategy, you can contact us via the details below:

Email: info@heliguy.com

Call: 0191 296 1024


Keep checking back to Heliguy's Insider blog for more information about enterprise software solutions, the commercial UAV market and, of course, the latest news from the drone industry.

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