Freefly Unveils the MōVI Pro

Freefly Unveils the MōVI Pro

Here's everything we know about the Freefly MōVI Pro - a new stabilised gimbal for videography professionals.

Last updated: Mar 11, 2021

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moviprobanner Freefly Systems have launched the latest in their highly popular MōVI stabilised gimbal series. The MōVI Pro has been touted by its creator as 'the most advanced camera movement system ever created'. Offering high-quality performance, ease of use and much more flexibility. Freefly's new gimbal is a smaller, more lightweight MōVI, allowing users to create professional-level visual content quickly and easily.




Introducing The MōVI Pro

Pioneers of the handheld stabiliser market (with the MōVI M10 debuting in 2013), Freefly have maintained their edge through high performance, reliable and intuitive products. From what we've seen so far, this  quality has been MoviProImg3 Filming with the MōVI Pro handheld bundle Freefly has laid out the key features of their new MōVI gimbal which you can find listed below.   - The ability to execute eye-level shots without fatigue (when using the MōVI Ring Pro) - Balance and setup without the need for a setup stand or complex process - Enabling long lens shots and smooth footage, even when balance isn't perfect - Perfect for aerial shots alongside a wide variety of camera options - Full integration of cameras and accessories (e.g. Focus, Iris, Power Outputs, USB and Zoom) - Diverse shot types including hyperlapses and timelapses, motion control and mimic amongst others   There's plenty to get excited about here and now it's time for more information about the MōVI Pro, what you can expect and a rundown of the features and functionality of Freefly's new industry standard stabilised gimbal.

What You Need to Know

Here is a look at the core functions of the MōVI Pro. This includes an overview of the gimbal itself, what to expect from the new and improved power supply, as well as what Freefly have said so far about 'user control'.  

The Gimbal

Freefly has redesigned the structure of the MōVI to improve performance and add increased capabilities to the Pro. This has enabled a higher level of usability and robustness. The addition of an embedded screen display with a four-button control system gives users control over basic tuning and adjustments as they film without the need for additional peripherals. Newly added, custom direct-drive brushless motors provide twice the pan torque of previous MōVIs for the most demanding camera movement scenarios. Freefly has also updated the wiring which has been strain relieved and routed internally, reducing the potential for damage and enhancing reliability in challenging weather conditions. MoviProImg2 The MōVI Pro aerial bundle attached to an ALTA 8 According to Freefly, you're able to go from 'handheld to aerial in less than 60 seconds'.  The MōVI Pro features dual GPS antennas, high torque motors and an integrated FIZ driver while the addition of dovetails, revised camera mounts, easier top mounting, and all-new design results in an ultra-versatile lightweight camera rail that can easily be mounted and removed. Designed to withstand a range of environments whether you're on a film set or in the great outdoors (including water resistance), the MōVI Pro uses a variety of precisely calibrated sensors to allow users intuitive control of the camera.  

The Power Supply

The new MōVI Pro Battery Packs have integrated power indication, intelligent management systems and a refined look. One handed battery swaps and 'hot swapping' are now possible through a redesigned system which has been built to ensure the MōVI Pro can keep shooting continuously. Using the combined power of two 22.2V batteries, Freefly's MōVI Pro can power itself, the camera, and any additional peripherals for over an hour before you need to think about swapping.  

User Control

A new approach to their software allows Freefly's MōVI Pro to find optimal stiffness and filter settings within seconds. While the system can be tuned manually if that's your style, the new self-tuning algorithm makes the whole process automated and accurate from the word go. The integrated REDLink Command Protocol grants users full control over RED EPIC and SCARLET camera adjustments (even if you're up to 600ft away). Utilising what Freefly claim is the world's 'smallest fully integrated 3-axis FIZ controller', the MōVI Pro reduces shooting weight and setup time with all industry standard motors. There's also the option for ultra fast boot-up (reportedly less than 2 seconds) and a ‘fastboot’ mode for instant switch-on shooting.




Features and Functionality

Read on for a closer look at what's on offer from Freefly's MōVI Pro. This rundown includes a look at the Sensors, Motors, Shooting Modes, Mimic Controller and Camera Integration.


  • Multiple high-quality MEMS sensors with full calibration (e.g. Cross-Axis, Temperature, Scale, Alignment)
  • Ublox GPS module with high-performance helical antenna for precise positioning data
  • 3-axis compass for accurate heading information
  • Barometer provides reliable and precise altitude estimates
  • Floating point processors and high-speed sensors enable 60dB performance at 1Hz
MoviProImg1 The Freefly MōVI Pro


  • Custom designed direct drive brushless motors – incredible torque in a lightweight package
  • 15 bit, high-resolution encoders allow for stabilisation and motion control
  • Online temperature estimation allows max performance while protecting motors from overheating
  • 360° pan / tilt / roll rate & 1000° base motion
  • Double the continuous pan torque of the original MōVI units
  • Silent sine drive technology controls pan, tilt & roll axis
  • Sine drive motor controls update motor torque at 32KhZ
  • Fast, reliable CAN bus communication protocol


Note: Some of the below settings will be added in future firmware updates.
  • Majestic Mode
  • Auto-tune & shot quality indicator
  • Timelapse
  • Motion control & path planning
  • Auto tracking / follow me mode
  • High Bandwidth Data logging / Visualization / Camera sync
MoviProImg4 The MōVI Pro in action


  • Precise control of the MōVI Pro using Freefly’s MIMIC technology
  • Camera automatically and intuitively follows user’s movements


  • Full integration with RED / Sony / Canon Cinema cameras
  • Full integration with RED RCP protocol to allow control of EF lenses, ISO, frame rate, etc.


Here are the specs for the new MōVI Pro:


Freefly MōVI Pro

345 x 345 x 432mm

Camera Cage

196 x 200 x 165mm


Pan Range of Motion

±360º Continuous Rotation

Tilt Range of Motion

+165º to -90º

Roll Range of Motion


Max Tilt/Roll Rate


Max Pan Rate




Max Payload


Max Operating Speed*

*Dependant on payload

Operating Temperatures

-20° to 50°C

Ingress Protection (IP)

(5) Dust Protected
(2) Water spray @ <15º

Mounting System

Freefly Toad In The Hole (TITH) Quick Release


Data Logging Rate

5, 10, and 25 Hz


Bluetooth Low Energy v4.2 and 2.4GHz Custom FHSS Radio

Max Pan Motor Torque

0.72 N m

Max Tilt/Roll Motor Torque

0.51 N m

Motor Type

Direct-drive 3 phase Brushless

Data Storage


Port Types

GCU ports -
COM1, 12V, COM 2
TSU Ports -
LTC Timecode In/Out, EXP,
CANbus + Battery Voltage, CAM,
12-14V CAM, 12V AUX,


Nominal Battery Voltage


Max Battery Voltage


Battery Size

1800 mAh


6 Cells

Max Battery Quantity

2 Battery

Min Battery Quantity

1 Battery

Max Continuous Discharge Rate (Per Pack)


Max Peak Discharge Rate (Per Pack)


Run Time (One Battery w/o Camera)


Run Time (One Battery & Powered Camera)


Run Time (Two Batteries & Powered Camera)



Keep checking back to Heliguy's Insider blog for all of your Freefly product updates and, of course, the latest news from the drone industry.

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