Global Drone Services Provider Goes Full Stack With Heliguy

Global Drone Services Provider Goes Full Stack With Heliguy

Heliguy's pay-monthly offer helps CG Labs cut upfront costs, benefit from half-price rental, and access the latest technology 'to keep ahead of the competition'.

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  • Global drone services provider, CG Labs, has signed up to Heliguy's groundbreaking Full Stack service - which is a similar model to a pay monthly mobile phone contract;
  • CG Labs says the advantage of going Full Stack allows them to reduce upfront costs, access half-price rental, easily and flexibly scale their fleet, benefit from zero CapEx investment, and access 'the latest technology to keep ahead of the competition';
  • Heliguy Full Stack gives you access to state-of-the-art equipment and a range of value-added services;
  • CG Labs is utilising DJI drones from Heliguy in numerous ways, including for inspections, surveying, mapping and thermography.

A global drone services provider has signed up to Heliguy's ground-breaking Full Stack service to reduce upfront costs, access half-price rental, and 'offer clients the latest technology to keep ahead of the competition'.

CG Labs, formerly IRIS Group, are among the early adopters of our industry-first supply and support package for enterprise UAS (unmanned aircraft system) programmes.

Heliguy has an established reputation and understands the commercial market. Heliguy offers the perfect solution. We will be expanding our M210 fleet and Full Stack is the preferred route for us.

Mike Hibberd, Services and Middle Eastern Manager for CG Labs

To help launch the ground-breaking Full Stack programme, Heliguy has allocated £1million of drone stock – on a first-come, first-served basis – to enable organisations to kick start or scale their drone fleets. A number of major enterprise clients have already signed up or shown interest in the service.

CG Labs is building its Full Stack package around the DJI M200 series and says that the scheme lets them benefit from zero CapEx investment and instant access to state-of-the-art equipment without a long-term commitment - ideal for quick adoption and ensuring they aren’t burdened with surplus kit.

CG Labs has signed up to Heliguy Full Stack.

CG Labs is utilising drone technology across a range of sectors, including inspection, surveying, and mapping, resulting in increased efficiency, more accurate data, and financial savings.

In this Heliguy Insider blog post, we take a closer look at CG Labs' drone programme and how the company will benefit from Full Stack.

What Is Full Stack?

Full Stack follows a similar model to a pay-monthly mobile phone contract.

Launched earlier this year, Full Stack allows you to bolster your fleet with high-tech equipment – from DJI and other leading industry brands – through a cost-effective, pay-monthly, rolling one-year contract.

Companies and organisations who sign up will deal directly with Heliguy, meaning there is no third-party finance involved (as it is funded by us), while our monthly payment plan means that you will pay less for your drones and sensors – including reduced upfront costs – and with no interest rates applied.

Through Full Stack, you can upgrade to the latest model or get your hands on a new drone annually and you rent your equipment over the 12-month period. On top of this, you can take advantage of half-price rental from our large pool of rental equipment for specific one-off jobs.

This enables you to have up-to-date kit in the sky – giving you a competitive edge and helping you stay at the forefront of the enterprise drone scene – and ensures that you are not left behind with aged or surplus equipment, reducing your risk in the process.

Heliguy, the UK’s largest one-stop-shop drone provider, is perfectly placed to offer Full Stack, thanks to our years of experience, dedicated account managers, renowned training team, expert technicians and cutting-edge in-house research and development consultancy.

Heliguy is a DJI European award winner for enterprise.

As one of DJI’s largest European enterprise channel partners, Heliguy is recognised as a Gold Partner, certifying that we can provide expert knowledge and services to our growing list of major enterprise clients, which include Balfour Beatty, National Grid, Network Rail, BP, Sellafield Sites, Greater Manchester Police, the BBC and the University of Cambridge.

Why Full Stack Was The Perfect Solution For CG Labs

A truly international firm, CG Labs has bases in the UK, Dubai, Norway, South Africa and Saudi Arabia.

Having already purchased equipment from Heliguy, the company decided that Full Stack was the solution for them, offering flexibility, access to the latest gear and helping to solve logistical complexities.

The DJI M210 RTK drone has become a firm favourite for CG Labs.

Mike Hibberd, Services & Middle Eastern Manager for CG Labs, said: "As technology advanced, our existing equipment was beginning to show its age despite working faultlessly and in some harsh environments.

"Due to work commitments in various parts of Europe, we were having to ship equipment between countries and this was time-consuming and expensive so the decision was taken to start purchasing new equipment to leave in each country.

"Our Norwegian operation was the first business to benefit from this with a recent purchase of a DJI M210 RTK, X7 camera, and XT2 thermal system. It made perfect sense to us to go back to a supplier we have an excellent relationship with and who we can trust to provide us with the correct advice and fantastic service.

Utilising the DJI M210 RTK drone.

"Heliguy's Business Development Manager, Ruairi Hardman, explained the Full Stack product some months ago so this was a product we were keen to use.

"It allows us to prepare accurate budgets for equipment with a great support service behind it and it provides the equipment we need at a fixed monthly fee.

"Technology is advancing so fast at present that buying equipment, especially the type of drones we require, can often leave you with outdated equipment that has little resale value. We have seen some of the second-hand values of Falcon 8 and they’ve become almost worthless in a matter of years.

CG Labs uses drones for inspections from a height.

"By using Full Stack, we can offer our clients the latest technology which allows us to keep ahead of the competition.

"We also have access to Heliguy's rental fleet at very competitive discounts and we have already used this in the first month to complete a job on Skye. In the coming months, we will be expanding our M210 fleet and Full Stack is the preferred route for us."

Embracing DJI Technology

As a DJI Gold Partner, Heliguy is the perfect drone provider to work with when it comes to supply and support.

CG Labs has previously used drones such as the Aeryon SkyRanger and Ascending Technologies Falcon 8, but recently the company has changed direction and opted for DJI tech.

Mike said: "We have moved away from these platforms and as DJI has matured its enterprise products we feel that they are almost a go-to manufacturer.

CG Labs is building its Full Stack package around the M200 Series of drones.

"Having pilots fly different systems but all with a similar interface is a huge benefit for us as it allows greater efficiency and better safety amongst operators.

"The M210 system will be used in a multi-role capacity. Inspections, surveying, mapping and thermography projects are already in the pipeline for the M210 and it was flying on a project within a few days of arriving in Norway. "

Why Did You Choose Heliguy?

Every good drone services company needs a great drone supply company, and this is where Heliguy comes in.

Over the years, CG Labs has worked closely with Heliguy, utilising many facets of the business, including our vast stock pool, industry expertise, post-purchase support and research and development department.

Mike said: "Heliguy has an established reputation and understands the commercial market in which we operate.

"They were one of two suppliers we looked at a couple of years ago and our requirements meant that they were really the only supplier that could offer what we required going forward.

Drones provide CG Labs' clients with many benefits.

"Heliguy's research and development department has worked on our Wind series of drones, which required quite a lot of custom 3D printing before being deployed and this was a seamless process with final support happening onsite in the South of England.

"The prospect of having to integrate some of our payloads via SDK means that we need a partner with the in-house expertise to do this - and Heliguy offers the perfect solution.

"In terms of our relationship with Heliguy, we have previously purchased an M600 Pro for Saudi Arabia, and two Wind 4s and two Wind 8s for use on a research and development project. We also have two Mavic Airs.

"However, as we realign our operations we have moved towards the DJI M210 platform on a Full Stack basis."

How Does CG Labs Benefit From Drone Technology

CG Labs has utilised drone technology on a range of jobs, including search and rescue, offshore inspections, mapping, surveying, utility inspections and for a project with the Norwegian national rail operator.

Mike added: "The equipment has also been deployed for extensive powerline inspections as well as mapping and inspection work from the UK to south-east Asia.

The CG Labs team.

"The powerline inspections were carried out in Norway and allowed the utility companies to greatly increase the number of pylons and poles inspected and allowed for a much more detailed photographic record to be kept of the condition of the installation.

"Following our rebranding, drones form just one part of our data gathering capability and we have expanded into more sectors and offer more services as we work with other companies within our Group. It is probably now more important than ever that we always have the right drone for the task in hand."

To sign up for Heliguy Full Stack, contact us by phone or email.

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