H20N Night Vision Camera For DJI M300 RTK

H20N Night Vision Camera For DJI M300 RTK

DJI has unveiled the H20N - a new payload with night vision. The sensor, for the M300 RTK drone, also has thermal, zoom and laser rangefinder capabilities. It is ideal for search and rescue, public safety and security missions in low-light environments.

Last updated: Apr 04, 2022

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  • H20N is a Starlight night-vision payload, helping to capture the scene clearly, even in darkness;
  • The payload has 640 x 512 dual thermal cameras with zoom capabilities; night vision wide and zoom cameras; and a laser rangefinder;
  • Benefit from synchronised split-screen zoom;
  • H20N has an IP44 rating and is engineered for the DJI M300 RTK;
  • H20N is ideal for search and rescue, public safety and security missions in low-light environments. 

The DJI Zenmuse H20N is a night vision payload with ultra-low-illumination Starlight-grade capabilities.

Engineered for the DJI M300 RTK, it captures the scene clearly, even in darkness, setting a new standard for search and rescue operation or emergency situations requiring immediate recognition in low-light environments.

The GIF below shows how powerful this can be, with the left image showing the view from the human eye, while the right shows the same scene as viewed using the Starlight zoom camera. 



The hybrid H20N sensor has a 20x hybrid optical zoom and a wide camera - both with a Starlight sensor inside - as well as 640 x 512 dual thermal cameras with 2x and 8x optical zoom, and a laser rangefinder with 1200m range. 



The H20N payload is IP44-rated and can operate in temperatures from -20°C to 50°C.

Top Features Of The H20N

The H20N has some powerful features. Below is a selection of them: 

Starlight Camera: See In The Darkness

When the payload is used in Night mode, the camera switches the IR filter of the lens and the ISP parameters are adjusted.

An intelligent low-light enhancement algorithm allows operators to detect light sources as low as 0.0001 Lux, far beyond what the human eye is capable of seeing.



Powerful Zoom

The H20N has a 4MP 20x hybrid optical zoom camera with added Starlight functionality.

High-resolution close-ups and recognisable images in low-light promise to reduce false positives, improve decisions around resource deployment, and shorten mission time.

This technology can benefit a range of operations, from searching for missing people to conducting night-time patrols of a sensitive site.

Dual Thermal Sensors

The H20N features dual thermal sensors. Two fixed lens 640 x 512 thermal cameras remove the need for continuous zoom: One offers a 2x zoom and the other offers 8x zoom.

This increases the observation distance of the H20N’s thermal imaging capabilities and saves pilots precious time, when every moment matters.

The H20N’s hybrid payloads are most powerful when used in conjunction with one another. Operators can enhance visibility in challenging conditions by simultaneously zooming on a split-screen with both the thermal and visual sensors. 



High-precision Laser Rangefinder

The H20N has a laser rangefinder, with a detection range of 3m to 1200m.

This key tool provides precise coordinates of a location or object to an accuracy of ± 1 metre.

The PinPoint feature means this capability is always on hand. A quick tap marks an object in view, before DJI’s advanced sensor fusion algorithms deliver its GPS coordinates - along with its distance from the aircraft and relative height.

In combination with the H20N’s Starlight sensors, low light is no longer an issue when coordinating missions from above.

The GIF below shows the laser rangefinder in action. The flash of light is from the H20N's laser rangefinder, detected by its Starlight sensors



The H20N is a great addition to the M300 RTK's library of payloads. It is particularly powerful when image clarity and the ability to identify people or objects after dark is a priority. 

Contact heliguy™ to add the H20N payload to your enterprise fleet.

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