Heliguy's Operations Manual: A Visual Guide

Heliguy's Operations Manual: A Visual Guide

Heliguy's visual guide to the Operations Manual for commercial drone training. A visual guide to explain the process of writing your manual to submit to the CAA.

Last updated: Mar 11, 2021

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Heliguy's Operations Manual: A Visual Guide You may have seen our recent post on the heliguy™ Insider blog guiding you through what's required as part of your Operations Manual for commercial operation permissions; A Guide to Operations Manuals. As part of this guide, we have also developed the heliguy™ visual guide to the Operations Manual. Keep reading to find out more about the heliguy™ PfCO training and see our visual guide to the Operations Manual.

heliguy™ Training

Heliguy are a CAA approved NQE for commercial drone operator training. The following three stages are required to apply for commercial drone operator permissions: Ground School - Helgiuy offer a three-day in-house training in Newcastle, Manchester and Farnborough. Attendees learn about UK air law, safe drone operation, the equipment used in flight and more. To ensure complete understanding, the course is followed by a theory assessment with over 75% pass mark. Operations Manual - The Operations Manual is a document submitted to the CAA detailing all intended drone operations. This document is done with the guidance of your NQE. Flight Assessment - Completed with your NQE, the Flight Assessment allows your drone control and safety checks and notifications to be evaluated. Following the completion of the above sections, all evidence is sent to the CAA for approval with permissions being granted if all sections are satisfactory. Keep reading for more detail on the Operations Manual.

Not sure whether you need drone permissions? Head to our page here to find out.

Operations Manual

The Operations Manual is required for all commercial drone pilots and must be an original piece of work from the applicant company.  
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