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New Remote Drone Management And Live Streaming Platform For Public Safety

DroneControl™ FirstResponder is a new Peer-to-Peer encrypted live streaming and drone remote control software designed for the emergency services. Built for DJI Enterprise drones, stream real-time video and audio and take control of the drone and gimbal remotely using virtual joysticks.

DroneControl FirstResponder is a drone remote control app.
  • DroneControl™ FirstResponder is a new Peer-to-Peer encrypted live streaming and drone remote control software designed for the emergency services;
  • Highly-secure real-time video streaming and audio feed from incident scene to command centre or other first responders on site;
  • Remote flight and camera control: Personnel based in the command centre can take control of the drone using virtual joysticks; 
  • Designed to improve situational awareness for enhanced incident response and crew safety; 
  • Compatible with DJI Enterprise drones and app layout mirrors DJI Pilot 2; 
  • DroneControl FirstResponder can be deployed in other sectors which will benefit from live streaming and remote drone control, such as AEC, mining, security, and infrastructure;
  • heliguy™ selected as UK partner based on experience of supporting enterprise organisations, including public safety drone programmes.

heliguy™ has become the exclusive UK supplier of DroneControl™ FirstResponder - a remote drone management platform which benefits public safety operations.




The software provides ultra-low-latency, real-time live streaming and remote drone control to improve situational awareness and enable data-driven decision-making for enhanced incident response and crew safety. 


DroneControl FirstResponder is a drone remote control app perfectly-suited to the emergency services.


Stream HD video and feed two-way audio from the scene of an incident to other team members or command centres anywhere in the world.

Remotely-located personnel can also independently monitor a developing situation by using virtual joysticks to take control of the drone/gimbal on-scene.

Designed with data security in mind, DroneControl FirstResponder utilises Google’s WebRTC for a highly-secure and encrypted Peer-to-Peer platform, without the need for plug-ins or external software. This approach ensures that both the live stream media and the drone control data are encrypted at peer 1 (the pilot) and can only be decrypted at peer 2 (the viewer).

For added security, all services can be customised onto local servers if needed, offering additional flexibility and control over the data connections.

DroneControl FirstResponder is compatible with DJI Enterprise drones, such as the DJI M30 Series, M300 RTK, and Mavic 3 Enterprise Series. This enables operators to benefit from a range of insights, such as visual, zoom, thermal, and laser rangefinder - depending on the aircraft.

The app layout mirrors DJI Pilot 2, preventing the need for additional re-training and familiarisation. It can also be accessed via a web browser.

DroneControl FirstResponder also features seamless compatibility with AirData. With this integration, all flight logs from DroneControl FirstResponder will automatically upload to the AirData system. This real-time synchronisation provides emergency services with unparalleled insight, convenience, and efficiency.

It is also compatible with what3words, providing a quick and simple way to find, share and save exact locations. The system converts GPS coordinates into 3 word addresses.

As part of this, a key feature is the integration of laser rangefinder technology to pinpoint precise location coordinates using what3words and postal addresses using Mapbox. 

The inclusion of laser rangefinder technology allows compatible drones to determine the precise distance between the target location and our aerial platforms. By combining this technology with the incredible precision of what3words and postal address systems, the software can deliver real-time and accurate location data to emergency service teams.



DroneControl™ FirstResponder has been designed in conjunction with emergency services across Europe to meet the specific needs of public safety drone programmes.


DroneControl FirstResponder is a secure live-streaming platform, engineered especially for the emergency services.


Ben Shirley, Training Development Manager, at heliguy™, said: “We are delighted to partner with DroneControl to offer the FirstResponder application to our clients, especially those in public safety and search and rescue.

“DroneControl™ FirstResponder enables live streaming without requiring additional hardware, and facilitates a powerful remote monitoring and decision-making workflow for the emergency services.

“heliguy™ has been involved in the development of the app from its inception: The platform has tangible benefits for emergency response scenarios and it will continue to evolve to make an even more dedicated and specialist application for public safety operators.”

Thomas Ingold, CEO and Founder of DroneControl™, said: “DroneControl FirstResponder sets a new standard in remote drone management, improving incident response and protecting more lives by equipping public safety drone teams with live streaming and remote control.


DroneControl FirstResponder is a peer-to-peer live streaming platform for the emergency services.


“We are proud to say that our solution works even in low data areas and at 4G upload speeds. FirstResponder delivers almost 30fps and full HD resolution to provide a clear and accurate video feed for better situational awareness.

“We are delighted that heliguy™ has become our UK partner. Their experience with supplying, supporting and training the emergency services has benefited the development of the app, and they are the perfect partner to help public safety personnel integrate DroneControl FirstResponder into their drone programmes.” 

While DroneControl FirstResponder has been developed with the emergency services in mind, it can be useful for any applications which require live streaming, remote monitoring, or remote control. This includes AEC, mining, security, and inspection.

DroneControl FirstResponder is available on a 12-month or 36-month licence, with a free two week trial available.

Contact heliguy™ to find out more about DroneControl FirstResponder and public safety drones and training.

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