NEWS: Drone Occurrence Reporting Moves Online

NEWS: Drone Occurrence Reporting Moves Online

The CAA has just informed us that occurrence reporting for drone users has moved online, allowing the European drone community to promote safe usage. 

Last updated: Mar 11, 2021

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The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has just informed us that the method for reporting incidents involving drones, previously accomplished via the 'SRG 1601: Occurrence Report Form',*  has been replaced with an online platform. *Available in Appendix A of the document 'CAP382: Mandatory Occurrence Reporting Scheme'

Online occurrence reporting

The ECCAIRS European Reporting Portal is intended to promote safe practice and has been established to receive detailed reports when an issue occurs during a drone flight. Occurrence Reporting Home A new way to report occurrences A press release from the CAA had this to say about the changes:
"The reporting portal is a good source of information for all members of the aviation community involved in improving safety. There are links to applicable legislation and guidance material covering the reporting of occurrence reports and useful leaflets with advice on what to report tailored to different sections of the community."
An online form seems like the smartest way to streamline the process, allowing drone pilots across Europe to collaborate and use the information gathered to develop fair legislation on UAV usage.

Drones in the news

With an increasing focus on drones and their safe usage by the media, it's interesting to see that one of the options on the new online form reads:
'Did the occurence involve a runway incursion?'
This option didn't appear on the original form and is likely a reaction to the well-publicised incidents involving consumer drones flying too close to, and in one instance colliding with, passenger planes in the UK. occurence reporting Options include a mention of 'runway incursions' Heliguy's Insider blog is dedicated to bringing you the latest UAV news as it happens, ensuring that you're able to keep fly safely and responsibly. To report an incident or simply explore the new online platform visit:
See below for the full document outlining the changes and how they affect the way in which you submit occurrence report:

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