UK Government Suggest New Drone Legislation

UK Government Suggest New Drone Legislation

The UK government has just announced a proposal for further regulations for drones including a minimum age restriction and stronger police powers.

Last updated: Mar 11, 2021

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UK Government Suggest New Drone Legislation Following on from the recent amendment to the CAA’s Air Navigation Order 2016 and upcoming Drone Bill, the Department for Transport have today announced further measures that may be introduced. The government is set to consult on new measures including the following:
  • Police may be able to issue on-the-spot-fines to drone rule breakers
  • Police may be able to seize drones if necessary
  • A minimum age may be set for drone pilots – age mentioned is 18
  • A decision will be made on whether the set distance of 1km from an aerodrome is sufficient
  • A decision on whether to mandate and regulate or just regulate a Flight Information and Notification System (FINS) – suggested this will be a live app that could include notifications before drone flight
  • Counter drone technology will also be discussed
Organisations and the general public are able to have an input on the all of the above-proposed factors. This can be done online or in writing. Multiple questions will be asked in relation to the range of proposals with a chance to input opinions. Click here to have your say on the proposal. The consultation period is open until 11:45 pm on Monday the 17th of September 2018. Like with the previous amendments, the UK government has acknowledged the benefits that drones bring to the UK and highlight the importance of responsible drone flight. DJI have also announced their support of the measures.
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