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      Freefly Systems

      Freefly Systems are UAV and camera stabiliser developers and manufacturers who have their eyes fixed firmly on the movie industry. They say they are focused on one task – inventing solutions to allow unrestricted and uninhibited camera movement. After setting up in 2011 in Washington State, USA, they developed the CineStar range of large multi-rotors for film work.

      Freefly’s star product is the new ALTA, a state of the art hexacopter which can carry a camera and MōVI gimbal both below and above the aircraft. This opens up a host of exciting new filming opportunities for moviemakers and TV directors.

      Industry Leading Expertise

      Following years of research and development in camera stability, Freefly Systems produced their popular range of MōVI stabilised camera gimbals, which can handle a large range of professional cameras in everything from handheld to helicopter situations. They also developed the TERO, a miniature, remotely controlled four wheeled car which is capable of carrying a MōVI mounted camera.

      Smooth Alta 6 in forest

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