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Bespoke Training

We offer training tailored to specific sectors, from emergency services to a range of industrial applications. Our expert instructors take clients through a variety of 'real world' scenarios to ensure that the training experience remains fit for purpose, highly useful and of the best possible quality in each bespoke course we run.

Whether you're looking to learn to operate drones in an emergency services or industrial scenario, Heliguy's bespoke approach to training courses has you covered.

We're aware that clients such as Police and Fire Departments require closed classroom courses that are tailored to their operational environment, therefore our trainers will prepare relevant planning scenarios for your particular operating conditions, ensuring safer operations. This level of quality catered training is also available to business clients.

Heliguy is here to ensure that those taking part in our bespoke courses have 'real world' experiences throughout our training, ensuring that whatever scenario our cilents encounter will be applicable to their industry and specific use case.  

Combine this with our machine knowledge training and our access to industry-leading equipment, there is no one better positioned to support government departments and businesses looking to add drone services their operational envelope.

If you're still unsure as to whether or not you need a drone license click here.