Dedrone RF-360 Sensor (including 1 year Tracker Software)

Dedrone RF-360 Sensor (including 1 year Tracker Software)

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DedroneSensor RF-360

The industry-leading DedroneSensor RF-360 is a passive, network-attached radio sensor for the detection, classification, and localisation (geolocation) of drones and their remote controls.

The RF-360 operates fully automatically and is effective against almost all commercial, hobby and home-made drones and the entire DJI product line.

Benefit from a detection range of up to 5km and understand threats in your airspace in real-time.

Integrate with the DedroneTracker software for remote alerting and receive summary reports to build a more robust defence strategy.

Through the DedroneTracker software, the RF-360 can be used as a stand-alone sensor, or used in conjunction with other defence technologies as part of a layered solution.

Learn more about DedroneTracker Explore Dedrone

RF-360 Key Features

  • Reliable drone detection, classification and localisation
  • Detection and localisation of remote controls (under good conditions)
  • Great range
  • Installed quickly and easily
  • Operates fully automatically
  • Not subject to approval. No legal authorisation is required

Understand The Drone Threat

The DedroneSensor RF-360 has drone detection and direction finding capabilities up to 5km.

This long range provides additional reaction times for security teams to deploy security measures and prevent losses from a drone incursion.

The expanded range is vital for sites with larger footprints, such as airports or smart cities, enabling wider detection coverage with less sensors.

RF-based localisation finds drones and pilots and plots them on a map in real-time. Deepen understanding about hotspots of drone activity and plug gaps to bolster your defence strategy.

Seamless Compatibility

Whether installed at a fixed or temporary site, the RF-360 easily integrates into existing security command centres and provides additional layers of airspace data.

Utilising the DedroneTracker software - endorsed by the UK CPNI - the RF-360 can be used as part of a layered solution, working in conjunction with other drone defence technology.

Use alongside alternative RF detection hardware, such as DJI AeroScope, and/or integrate PTZ cameras/radar.

This provides a more comprehensive defence strategy, tailored to specific needs, and can be scaled as part of a growing use case.

Fast Installation

Benefit from fast installation and start-up due to cloud-readiness, thanks to integrated LTE and GPS.

This enables simple setup and installation for fixed and mobile deployments.

Once activated, Dedrone’s RF-360 sensor automatically connects to the Dedrone Cloud and immediately begins assessing airspace activity. No integration in the local IT infrastructure is necessary – only power is needed.

Automatic Alerting

Use in conjunction with the DedroneTracker software to receive automated alerts. Alarms are triggered as soon as the approach of a drone is detected, and alerts can be sent through SMS, the software user interface, email, network (TCP/IP), SNMP, or smartphone push notification.

Also benefit from automated summary reporting to receive the most critical information up-front. Find how many drones are intruding into your airspace, and details such as drone model, intrusion time, and frequency of recurrence.

Optimised for RF Noisy Environments

The DedroneSensor RF-360 is optimised to deliver enhanced performance for RF noisy environments, such as in urban environments or at airports.

The RF-360 filters the noise to reliably and quickly detect specific drone communication signals.

Product specification

Dedrone RF-360 Sensor (including 1 year Tracker Software)

Range (line of sight)(*pole not included)
Device TypeSensor
Radio FrequencyOmnidirectional, passive detection, classification, and direction finding
Dimensions (L x W x H) 12 x 12"" x 15.96 inches (300 x 300 x 405 mm)
Weight15.5 lb (7.0 kg)
Ingress Protection RatingIP65
Operating Temperature-4 °F to +131 °F (-20 °C to +55 °C)
Power Supply Cellular OperationAC 100-240V 50/60 Hz max. 1 A
Power Supply on Premises OperationPoE IEEE 802.3bt (60 W) or AC 100-240V 50/60 Hz max. 1 A
Power Consumption24 W (typical)
Communication TechnologiesCellular Communication** or Ethernet
**for North America, most of Europe and others possible
ConnectivityVia LAN to existing IT infrastructure or via the integrated mobile connection in the Dedrone Cloud
Configuration, Operation, and AlarmsVia the browser-based DedroneTracker software (software version >= 4.2.15 and valid license)
Software UpdatesFirmware and DedroneDNA updates via a DedroneTracker instance (cloud or server)