DJI Smart Controller

Remote for Mavic Air 2 and Mavic 2 with built in 5.5" 1080p HD Screen
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    DJI Smart Controller


    The DJI Smart Controller is designed to maximise your outdoor flying experience.

    It is compatible with the Mavic Air 2, Mavic 2 Pro, Mavic 2 Zoom, Mavic 2 Enterprise Series, and the Phantom 4 Pro V2.0, as these aircraft have OcuSync 2.0 technology.

    A 5.5-inch built-in screen displays crystal-clear images, even in the most challenging environments.

    The DJI Smart Controller boasts pre-installed features, such as SkyTalk and the DJI Go 4 app.

    Key features



    • Built-in ultra-bright 5.5-inch 1080p screen
    • OcuSync 2.0 Full-HD visual transmission
    • Extremely portable device, with detachable control sticks
    • Operates in temperatures from -20°C to 40°C
    • Share your aerial images and videos through DJI GO 4 app's new Go Share function

    Built-in screen



    The DJI Smart Controller features a built-in 5.5-inch ultra-bright 1080p screen.  

    At 1000cd/m², the display is approximately twice as bright as a screen on a conventional smart device. 

    This helps to keep your feed viewable, even in direct sunlight.

    OcuSync technology



    The DJI Smart Controller benefits from OcuSync 2.0 Full-HD video-transmission technology.

    This means that the device automatically switches between 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz.

    This helps to reduce the influence of environmental interference on drone operation and image quality.

    The DJI Smart Controller has long-range transmission of up to 8km.

    Efficient, reliable and long-lasting



    Battery life

    The 5000mmAh battery supports quick charging and can work continuously for up to 2.5 hours. 

    Stable operation

    Stable operation in temperatures from -20°C to 40 °C, giving you reliable HD connection, so you can go further.

    Take anywhere

    Connects with your drone as soon as it is powered on and is portable enough to take anywhere.


    Amazing video and photo performance 




    With a built-in microphone and speaker, the DJI Smart Controller can play back videos through the HDMI port at 4K 60fps on the H.264/H.265 codecs.

    Third-party apps



    The DJI Smart Controller's customised Android system and optimised DJI Go 4 app ensures focused and faster aerial creation.

    The Smart Controller also supports third-party apps for a variety of additional sharing and editing options.

    Great features


    Go Share

    Easily transfer your aerial photos and videos from the DJI Smart Controller to your mobile device using DJI GO 4 app's new Go Share function. 


    Use the new SkyTalk feature to live stream your drone's camera view directly to social media. SkyTalk also lets you create and share short videos instantly.  

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is an ultra-bright display? What are the differences between this and a normal display?

    The DJI Smart Controller provides brightness up to 1000 cd/m2, showing clear details even under direct sunlight and making it an optimal tool for outdoor use. For reference, an average smartphone display offers a brightness of 500-705 cd/m2, and the indoor brightness on a sunny day is approximately 100 to 500 cd/m2.

    What ports does the DJI Smart Controller have?

    An HDMI port (that supports 4K video output), microSD card slot, a USB type-C port, and a USB-A port. Through these ports, you can output video, insert a microSD card, charge the controller, and more.

    Can the DJI Smart Controller's brightness be adjusted manually or automatically?

    The brightness can be adjusted both ways. When Auto mode is enabled, the DJI Smart Controller will automatically adjust its brightness using a built-in light sensor, making it optimal for the human eye according to the surrounding environment.

    Can the DJI Smart Controller be connected with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth?

    The DJI Smart Controller can be connected to Wi-Fi networks/hotspots and Bluetooth.

    Does the DJI Smart Controller have customisable buttons?

    No. You cannot customize the DJI Smart Controller buttons. However, we have designed a series of shortcut button combinations based on user habits for more efficient control and better user experiences. Please refer to the user manual for more details.

    How can I update the DJI Smart Controller and the apps installed on it?

    The DJI Smart Controller's system can be updated either by connecting to the internet or a computer with DJI Assistant 2 downloaded from the official website. Apps can be updated along with the system or by connecting to the internet.

    What should I do if the signal strength is too weak for video transmission?

    Check your surroundings for potential interference factors and then adjust the orientation of your antennas to enhance signal strength.

    How can I transfer files with the DJI Smart Controller?

    You can use a microSD card or the built-in Go Share function to transfer files. You can also transfer files by connecting the DJI Smart Controller to a computer (non-Mac) and selecting "Transfer Files" from the Smart Controller menu.

    What is the SRE function?

    By enabling the SRE function, image display will be automatically enhanced and optimized so that content is still clearly visible even under direct sunlight.

    What is the difference between the DJI Smart Controller's built-in DJI GO 4 app and the normal DJI GO 4 app?

    The built-in DJI GO 4 app has been optimized for use with the DJI Smart Controller. Both the built-in DJI GO 4 app and the standard DJI GO 4 app will be simultaneously updated.

    Can I install third-party apps on the DJI Smart Controller?

    Yes. You can download third-party apps through the built-in browser or install APK files from a microSD card. (DJI will not be liable for any permission or safety issues resulting from use of third-party apps. If an installed third-party app prevents you from enjoying optimal use of your controller, we suggest you remove the app or restore the controller to the original factory settings.)

    Does the DJI Smart Controller support quick charging?

    Yes, it supports QC2.0 quick charging via the type-C port at the bottom of the controller.

    What are the functions of the microSD card and its slot?

    You can expand the controller's storage with an extra microSD card and transfer the downloaded files from the controller to the microSD card. You can also view photos and videos saved in an aircraft's microSD card on the DJI Smart Controller.

    OcuSync 2.0

    Operation Frequency Range: 2.400-2.4835 GHz, 5.725-5.850 GHz. Local regulations in some countries prohibit the use of the 5.8 GHz and 5.2 GHz frequencies. In some regions, the 5.2 GHz frequency band is only allowed for indoor use.

    Max Transmission Distance (unobstructed, free of interference): 2.400-2.4835 GHz: 8 km (FCC), 4 km (CE), 4 km (SRRC), 4 km (MIC). 5.725-5.850 GHz: 8 km (FCC), 2 km (CE), 5 km (SRRC).

    Transmitter Power (EIRP): 2.400-2.4835 GHz: 25.5 dBm (FCC), 18.5 dBm (CE), 19 dBm (SRRC), 18.5 dBm (MIC). 5.725-5.850 GHz: 25.5 dBm (FCC), 12.5 dBm (CE), 18.5 dBm (SRRC)



    Protocol: Wi-Fi Direct, Wireless Display, 802.11a/g/n/ac, Wi-Fi with 2×2 MIMO is supported

    Operation Frequency Range: 2.400-2.4835 GHz, 5.150-5.250 GHz, 5.725-5.850 GHz

    Transmitter Power (EIRP): 2.400-2.4835 GHz: 21.5 dBm (FCC), 18.5 dBm (CE), 18.5 dBm (SRRC), 20.5 dBm (MIC). 5.150-5.250 GHz: 19 dBm (FCC), 19 dBm (CE), 19 dBm (SRRC), 19 dBm (MIC), 5.725-5.850 GHz: 21 dBm (FCC), 13 dBm (CE), 21 dBm (SRRC).



    Protocol: Bluetooth 4.2

    Operation Frequency Range: 2.400-2.4835 GHz

    Transmitter Power (EIRP): 4 dBm (FCC), 4 dBm (CE), 4 dBm (SRRC), 4 dBm (MIC)



    Battery: 18650 Li-ion (5000 mAh @ 7.2 V)

    Charge Type: Supports USB power adapters rated 12 V/2 A

    Rated Power: 15 W

    Storage Capacity: ROM 16 GB + scalable (microSD)

    Charging Time: 2 hours (using a USB power adapter rated 12 V/2 A)

    Working Time: 2.5 hours

    Video Output Port: HDMI Port

    Power Supply Current / Voltage (USB-A port): 5 V/ 900 mA

    Operation Temperature Range: -4° to 104° F (-20° to 40° C)

    Storage Temperature Range:6 months: -22° to 77° F (-30° to 25° C).

    Charging Temperature Range: 41° to 104° F (5° to 40° C)

    Supported Aircraft Models: Mavic 2 Pro, Mavic 2 Zoom, Mavic 2 Enterprise Series, and Phantom 4 Pro V2.0


    Dimensions: 177.5 x 121.3 x 40 mm (antennas folded, and the control sticks unmounted). 177.5 x 181 x 60 mm (antennas unfolded, and the control sticks mounted)

    Weight: Approx. 630 g

    Model: RM500


    Supported SD Cards

    Supported SD Cards: microSD™. Supports microSD cards with a capacity of up to 128 GB and R/W speed up to UHS-I Speed Grade 3


    Number in Box

    DJI Smart Controller


    24W USB Fast Charger


    USB3 Type-C Cable


    Spare Control Stick Pair


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    Review Summary - 5 out of 5 based on 12 ratings.
    December 12, 2020 | Tony
    DJI Smart Controller Upgrade

    Finally purchased this controller, feels like real quality, was a bit dubious regarding hearing rumours about the range being less than original controller, I was wrong, the range is actually better for me, very impressed, wish it could have been a bit easier to get Litchi installed, but hey thats the way it goes, superb for DJI Go 4, up and running in a fraction of the time it took having to connect my Samsung S9 up etc, great screen, happy with my purchase, arrived super quick from will be back for more guys, cheers

    Colena Inc
    November 9, 2020 | Skylark Aerial Photography
    DJI Smart Controller

    Purchased to replace my standard controller which had failed. As a commercial operator I required anopther controller pronto. Opted to go for Smart Controller. It arrived within a day. The controller is great. I have uploaded apps to it for survey and mapping. I have not really used the controller a lot so cannot give a full accurate picture of its operation. But it looks robust and easy to use.

    Colena Inc
    November 1, 2020 | graham knight
    smart controller

    Heliguy, very efficient, arrived next day, and very well packed

    Colena Inc
    October 23, 2020 | Grant Rasmussen
    DJI Smart Controller

    DJI Smart Controller is so much better and convenient than the standard version sold with the Mavic 2 Air and a shame that this package isn’t available as I now have a redundant controller that I probably won’t use and wasted expense, hey ho !!

    One improvement would be an add on lanyard attachment that I’ve seen in various American videos and presume only available over the pond, perhaps Heliguy could investigate and stock !!! and I’d be the first to have one

    Colena Inc
    October 16, 2020 | Phil
    Nice Product

    Pricey but well worth it if your going to enjoy your hobby. Very easy to set up and it’s much easier than using a phone.Fits in the dji bag aswell.
    I bought the air 2 and the smart controller together so I got Heliguy’s repair refresh on both items free of charge. That made the Smart Controller cheaper in my opinion because I would have bought both saving myself over £100 making the controller cheaper.

    Colena Inc
    October 15, 2020 | John Scott
    DJI Smart Controller

    I always felt it would be better to have a dedicated controller and was not disappointed when I bought this. The screen is great and it feels good, no worries of my phone falling out of the grips.

    Colena Inc
    October 15, 2020 | Mr k wnale
    DJI smart controller

    The parcel arrived in good condition and on the date and time.

    Colena Inc
    September 29, 2020 | Johnny Barr
    DJI smart controller

    Just purchased this for my mavic air 2 and so far love it, The screen is so easy to see in sunlight. I admit it is a bit pricey but you won't think of the price while using it.
    Feels real sturdy and well put together.
    You might read that updating the firmware is difficult but trust me, it is easy peasy, it is simply done by connecting it to a pc or laptop and use the dji assistant app.
    I am very happy with mine and glad I made the decision to buy it...

    Colena Inc
    September 8, 2020 | Martin Kirby
    DJI Smart Controller

    Smart controller looked amazing. It was just not compatible with the Mavic Air 2 which is a pity.

    Definitely buy one if I upgrade

    Colena Inc
    July 3, 2020 | Jonathan Young
    Dji smart controller

    Purchased dji smart controller 3 weeks after purchasing drone and standard controller.In hindsight would have purchased bundle drone and smart controller together saving lots of ££s.Smart controller is great product campared to standard controller.Had a slight technical issue on settings and phoned heliguy and resolved quickly even in lockdown.Would highly recommend Heliguy.

    Colena Inc

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    The team were quick to dispatch my order and very helpful when a problem needed solving. A really positive experience all-around, and I'll certainly consider purchasing products from them again in the future. Thanks team!

    January 12,2021


    Smooth transaction and a great product

    December 23,2020


    Excellent and delivery date and time was spot on.

    December 3,2020


    Excellent and delivery date and time was spot on.

    December 3,2020


    Excellent prompt service.

    November 9,2020


    Good advice, genuine products, fast delivery, no worries!

    November 9,2020


    Great service, quick delivery, grand price!!

    November 1,2020


    Great deal on the product, delivered the next day securely within the allotted time slot

    October 5,2020


    Great deal on the product, delivered the next day securely within the allotted time slot

    October 5,2020


    The best online seller,
    Easy purchase process,
    5 stars.

    October 4,2020





    From: Agus Santoso


    Quick and great respon.




    From: Garry Andrew Jones


    Phoned Helliguy today spoke to a gentleman called Ben he was a great help five stars I highly recommend.





    From: Clint swann


    Very helpful in all the questions I asked thank you. Second drone I will be buying from you guys wouldn’t go anywhere else




    From: Angela Parton


    Quick response, very helpful !





    From: Tony McGuire


    Great customer service - sorted my first purchase out and Heliguy will have my custom from now on. Thanks Ben




    From: Simon Buck


    Matthew is a credit to the Heliguy brand - the time and energy he put into helping me with my order was faultless. Please acknowledge this with him. Thanks Matthew - and Michael for the added input along the way.




    From: Barrie Whittle


    As usual,fantastic friendly help from Matt and all at Heliguy!!




    From: Colin


    Thanks for info and getting back to me so quick




    From: Robert Smith


    Thank you for your quick responce and patience




    From: Angela Parton


    Very helpful