Heliguy Pre-Flight Checklist

A pre-flight checklist is important for all drone pilots to complete before beginning every flight. A checklist will help ensure you bring all of your equipment to your flight, fully charged and ready to go, as well as avoid issues that could lead to a drone crash that could have easily been prevented.

Heliguy have worked with their Training Team to develop a downloadable copy of the Heliguy Pre-Flight Checklist, to help you be prepared for each flight and keep you and your aircraft safe.

Our Training Team have a wealth of knowledge from a mix of backgrounds that Heliguy use to help their customers. If you’re interested in flying your aircraft commercially, more information can be found here. or alternatively, you can reach us by phone at 0191 535 0069 or email at [email protected].

Drone Pre-Flight Checklist Page 1
Drone Pre-Flight Checklist Page 2

*5Ss are Size, Shape, Surroundings, Slope and Surface*

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