Linking the Remote Controller – DJI Mavic Air

In this post, we will look at how to connect the DJI Mavic Air with the remote controller that is included with the drone. For this make sure the remote and drone are charged and you have access to a mobile device.

  1. If the controller has a red LED then you need to link your controller, your Mavic Air will also have a yellow light on the rear of the drone.

2. Connect your device to the DJI Mavic Air Controller and launch DJI Go 4 and click start flight, then enter camera view

3. Go to settings

4. Remote controller then link Remote Controller

5. Click OK

6. Hold the button on the back of the Mavic Air for about 3 seconds, don’t release until the beep is heard

7. Your controller should now be linked if it failed to restart the aircraft, remote and DJI Go 4 and try again.

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