In comparison to DJI Avata, what upgrades does the DJI Avata 2 have?

The DJI Avata 2 features comprehensive enhancements across various aspects:

  • Flight Noise: The flight noise is significantly reduced to only 81 decibels, providing a gentler auditory experience.
  • Visual Perception System: Upgraded with a binocular fisheye visual positioning system, accommodating both downward and backward vision for more precise flight positioning.
  • Imaging: Equipped with a new image processing platform and incorporating the latest video stabilisation algorithms, supporting recording at 4K/60fps. Optional 10-bit D-Log M colour mode greatly enhances the dynamic range of the video.
  • Video Transmission: Featuring the brand-new DJI O4 HD video transmission system, the max transmission distance reaches up to 13 km* with a max video bitrate of 60Mbps.
  • Battery Life: The max flight time extends to 23 minutes**, and the aircraft supports PD fast charging. The charging hub includes power accumulation, significantly alleviating battery concerns for users.
  • Smart Functions: Introducing the new Easy ACRO function that enhances the immersive flight experience with motion control.

    *Measured in an unobstructed outdoor environment free of interference. The above data shows the farthest communication range for one-way, non-return flights under the FCC standard. We advise you always pay attention to RTH reminders on the goggles screen during your flight.

    *Measured when flying forward at a speed of 21.6 kph in a windless environment at sea level, with camera parameters set to 1080p/30fps, video mode off, and from 100% battery level until 0%. Data is for reference only. Always pay attention to reminders on the goggles' screen during your flight.


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