Why can't DJI RS 4 Pro fully fold when Auto Lock is set to Fold & Lock?

The DJI RS 4 Pro cannot fully fold when Auto Lock is set to Fold and Lock because when the roll axis arm is fully extended, it will interfere with the pan axis arm during the storage process, affecting the storage effect.

Therefore, if Auto Lock is set to Fold & Lock, the gimbal will keep a certain angle to complete the storage, regardless of the extension length of the roll axis arm. The roll axis does not come with the axis arm length detection function, so the axis arm length cannot be identified. As such, DJI RS 4 Pro cannot be completely folded for storage through settings.

However, unlike DJI RS4 Pro, DJI RS 4 can be completely folded for storage. When the roll axis arm of DJI RS 4 is fully extended, the roll axis arm and pan axis arm will not interfere with each other during the storage process.


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