DJI Inspire 1 FPV Upgrade

DJI Inspire 1 FPV Upgrade

DJI Inspire 1 FPV upgrade is now available from Heliguy. We can fit this as a retrofit for £325 with 7" monitor, 20mw transmitter and a new nose cone.

Last updated: Feb 26, 2021

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The DJI Inspire 1 is an amazing and versatile quadcopter, especially in the dual controller form. Now heliguy™ are making it even better with the option to upgrade it by adding a first person view (FPV) camera and monitor. DJI Inspire 1 FPV front The Inspire 1 boasts an ultra-high definition 4K camera which can rotate 360 degrees on its stabilised gimbal. In dual controller mode the pilot concentrates on flying the drone while the second operator can frame the shot by independently panning and tilting the camera. In some situations this setup could make it tricky for the pilot to fly with total confidence when the camera is pointing in a different direction.

DJI Inspire 1 FPV Upgrade Available Now

Heliguy’s solution is to fit a discreet FPV camera to the Inspire 1’s streamlined nosecone. This will ensure that the pilot can always see in the direction that the UAV is pointing, therefore improving that very important factor – situational awareness. You can buy this as an upgrade from new or have it fitted afterwards. Because the DJI Inspire 1 FPV transmits on 5.8GHz to a separate monitor, the pilot still has access to the video and flight data from DJI Lightbridge on the DJI Pilot app displayed on a phone or tablet. The second monitor, with its own battery, is mounted on its own bracket behind the standard tablet holder on the pilot’s controller. This means it can be viewed easily with a slight tilt of the controller. DJI Inspire 1 FPV Monitor Heliguy are offering this upgrade as an option on all new Inspire 1s as well as a retrofit for existing owners. If you send your Inspire in, we can upgrade it and get it back to you within 2-3 days. Included in the deal are an FPV camera fitted to a new nosecone, 20mw transmitter and antenna with their own battery and a 7 inch monitor/receiver with a battery and mounting bracket. You get to keep the original nosecone too. DJI Inspire 1 Transmitter The price for the complete package is £325. “The camera is mounted in a small hole at the tip of the nosecone,” explains heliguy™ technician Matt Cross. “We then connect it to a transmitter, battery and antenna which is attached to the rear of the battery compartment. The FPV system operates off its own power supply.” “The antenna stem can be bent up at right angles so that it’s not in shot when the Inspire’s camera faces backwards." Inspire FPV rear 01 “We’ve had very positive feedback from customers who’ve had the FPV gear fitted. It’s a great confidence booster.” Inspire FPV front 01

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