GPS, Attitude and Manual

GPS, Attitude and Manual

What is the difference between GPS, Atti and Manual flying? Heliguy tell you the difference and how they affect your UAV.

Last updated: Mar 01, 2021

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If you have had some time with your craft you may have came across the words: GPS, atti and manual. But what are these and how do they affect your craft.

GPS, Atti and Manual

Well to put it simply these are the different flight modes UAV.


By default a DJI Phantom 2 when outside will always be set to GPS mode and attempt to gather satellite information, making your flying experience easy and straight forward.

Switching the Phantom 2 into Naza M mode, or if you have a UAV with Wookong M or A2, will unlock the features of switching to these different flight modes.


Switching the UAV to Atti will essentially disengage your GPS module causing the craft to drift in flight and not fight against the wind. This drifting will sometimes be mistaken for a fly away, but do not worry you still have control over the craft. Your craft will continue to hold altitude.

GPS, Atti and Manual on a Phantom 2

This mode is favoured by camera operators wanting the smoothest footage possible as GPS mode can cause the craft to twitch in flight.


Finally Manual mode should only be attempted with great caution; this will disengage all flight assists, so you will have to manually take control of position, altitude as well as keeping the craft level. Manual mode is used for two reasons

1: To cancel a return to home command by flicking quickly between GPS then manual then back to GPS

2: In the case of a malfunction with the flight controller it is recommended you switch to manual and get the craft to the ground as quickly as possible. As in GPS or Atti your flight controllers malfunction will still affect the craft.

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