Guide to DJI Ronin 2 Control Panel

Guide to DJI Ronin 2 Control Panel

A guide to the settings on the DJI Ronin 2's control panel. Learn what you can and can't control. Includes screenshots and detailed explanations.

Last updated: Mar 09, 2021

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In this post, we will look at the settings on the DJI Ronin 2 and how best to optimise them for your shoot. Before doing any you start up your Ronin 2 ensure there is a payload on the rig and that it has been manually balanced. Starting the Ronin 2 without a payload could potentially lead to damaging the rig.

Navigating the settings:

Navigating through the Ronin 2 settings is very simple, using the wheel and the selection buttons you can change many of the key settings for your production. Here are the main buttons on the Ronin 2 and what they are used for: Lock - This feature locks the control panel down so you can not change the settings accidentally. Take the lock off to change the settings of your Ronin 2. Pause - This will pause the motors on the rig allowing you to change lenses without damaging the gimbal. Wheel - The wheel allows you to scroll through menu options and select the certain menu option you want. Two selection buttons - These buttons allow you to select and scroll through the Ronon 2's menu. Upper left button - This button allows you to select the mode of the Ronin 2 these modes are Tripod, Car, Handheld and Aircraft. Upper right button - This button allows you to change the follow mode to Free Mode, Follow, FPV and Recenter Mode.

Set Up Settings:

The settings on your ronin will need to be tuned before you start your production so ensure you leave enough time for this in your production schedule. Motor - Enter motor settings and change stiffness levels on the gimbal itself. Smooth track - Change smooth track settings allows you to change how fast and how you want the camera to move when you move the frame or handle. Monitor - This displays the power, angle and the temperature of each of the motors, the connection status of connected devices such as the DJI Focus or an aircraft and the error logs. Remote - Change how the remote controls the Ronin Settings - Here you can change all the general settings of your Ronin 2 whilst also auto-calibrating and changing preset profiles in the Ronin for different shooting modes

The App

In the app, you can control all the settings on the Ronin 2's back panel but wirelessly, this will give you greater control when the Ronin is mounted in a hard to reach a place like a jib, dolly or on a car mount. In the app, you can also have profiles that are saved on your phone so you can set up any Ronin 2 you are using your preset settings and configuration. This helps when you are using a rental Ronin 2 or are arriving on set with a new system.

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