Heliguy Commercial Drone Pilot Training for 2016

Heliguy Commercial Drone Pilot Training for 2016

Commercial drone pilot training courses with Heliguy in Newcastle, Manchester and the London area in 2016. Get your CPL-sU and then a PFAW.

Last updated: Mar 03, 2021

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Start the New Year with a new career. heliguy™ has announced 2016 dates for its new commercial drone pilot training courses in Newcastle, Manchester and Farnborough. Heliguy is a National Qualified Entity, which means that the Civil Aviation Authority has approved us to train and test pilots on their way to gaining a commercial drone pilot qualification (CPL-sU) and then a Permission For Aerial Work. Heliguy Training (1 of 1)-3 We held our first full course in December 2015 and you can read some of the great feedback in an earlier blog. In 2016 we'll be holding monthly courses at heliguy™ HQ in Newcastle and then, from February we'll start monthly courses in Manchester and Reading. (N.B. From March 2016 courses will be in Farnborough rather than Reading.)

Key points about our training

  1. Price per day - we are the cheapest.
  2. Learn with real life scenarios and relevant parts of the CAA syllabus. 
  3. Sub-20kg machines feature heavily in our course. We have real examples of Inspire, Phantom and heavylift multi-rotors in the classroom and tell you how they work and how to operate them safely.
  4. The CAA sets the course material but the NQE picks the flavour of the course. heliguy™ will deliver the best and most relevant course for you and your business.
  5. Flight assessments. Newcastle 24/7/365. No other NQE has a 2 day notice period for flight assessments (weather permitting). We will also run monthly assessments in Manchester and London (including evenings in the summer) with a minimum of 1 week's notice.
  6. On site sales and tech teams in Newcastle. Our tech team builds and repairs multi-rotors. Our trainers also have that skill and experience to bring to our courses.
  7. Finance. We offer finance for more than just your drone and equipment. You can pay for your training and your gear in one deal. That means you can be making money with your qualification and your drone much sooner.
  8. Our sales team knows about training. They don't just sell drones. If you have any questions have a chat to them about our courses. They are also accessible.

Course schedule

Here's the course schedule for 2016. The maximum number of students is 16 per course. Special, closed courses for eight people or more can also be arranged and tailored to your organisation. You can book through our website or by phone on 0191 296 1024. Heliguy Training Map


Newcastle - 18th January 2016 (Spaces Available) Newcastle - 22nd February 2016 (Spaces Available) Newcastle - 21st March 2016 (Spaces Available) Newcastle - 25th April 2016 (Spaces Available) Newcastle - 23rd May 2016 (Spaces Available) Newcastle - 27th June 2016 (Spaces Available) Newcastle - 25th July 2016 (Spaces Available) Newcastle - 22nd August 2016 (Spaces Available) Newcastle - 26th September 2016 (Spaces Available) Newcastle - 24th October 2016 (Spaces Available) Newcastle - 21st November 2016 (Spaces Available) Newcastle - 12th December 2016 (Spaces Available) Heliguy Training (9 of 13)


Manchester - Tues, 2nd February 2016 (Spaces Available)

Manchester - Tues, 1st March 2016 (Spaces Available)

Manchester - Tues, 5th April 2016 (Spaces Available)

Manchester - Tues, 3rd May 2016 (Spaces Available)

Manchester - Tues, 7th June 2016 (Spaces Available)

Manchester - Tues, 5th July 2016 (Spaces Available)

Manchester - Tues, 2nd August 2016 (Spaces Available)

Manchester - Tues, 6th September 2016 (Spaces Available)

Manchester - Tues, 4th October 2016 (Spaces Available)

Manchester - Tues, 1st November 2016 (Spaces Available)

Heliguy Training (12 of 13)

Reading (N.B. From March 2016 - Farnborough)

Reading - Tues, 16th February 2016 (Spaces Available)

Reading - Tues, 15th March 2016 (Spaces Available)

Reading - Tues, 19th April 2016 (Spaces Available)

Reading - Tues, 17th May 2016 (Spaces Available)

Reading - Tues, 21st June 2016 (Spaces Available)

Reading - Tues, 19th July 2016 (Spaces Available)

Reading - Tues, 16th August 2016 (Spaces Available)

Reading - Tues, 20th September 2016 (Spaces Available)

Reading - Tues, 18th October 2016 (Spaces Available)

Reading - Tues, 15th November 2016 (Spaces Available)

Reading - Tues, 6th December 2016 (Spaces Available)


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