Heliguy completes DJI Dock maintenance training

Heliguy completes DJI Dock maintenance training

heliguy™ engineers have undertaken specialist technical training for the DJI Dock to facilitate full drone in a box servicing and maintenance. The in-depth course involved a theoretical assessment and full assembly and disassembly of the Dock.

Last updated: Jun 07, 2023

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  • heliguy™ staff undertake DJI Dock Technician Course in Germany;
  • Training enables heliguy™ to provide comprehensive technical support for the Dock, including installation, maintenance and servicing;
  • This expertise is vital, ensuring heliguy™ can provide lifetime assistance throughout an organisation's Dock project lifecycle;
  • The DJI Dock Technician Course - compulsory for organisations wanting to offer Dock servicing - includes a theory examination and full practical training, including Dock assembly and disassembly;
  • heliguy™ engineers can now service a DJI Dock in situ - especially important as most Docks will be permanently sited on location;
  • As a DJI Dock partner, heliguy™ offers wide ranging support, including BVLOS pathways and OSC consultation.

heliguy™ engineers have undertaken specialist technical training, providing expertise to conduct comprehensive DJI Dock servicing, maintenance, and repairs.



The intense theoretical and practical training covered the installation, configuration, and full assembly and disassembly of the Dock, ensuring it can be serviced in situ - especially important as the Dock will often be permanently sited on location to facilitate remote operations.



The course is mandatory for organisations wanting to conduct/offer Dock servicing.

As a DJI Dock partner, heliguy™ will work with drone programmes to help them adopt and integrate this solution - including site planning and training (OSCs and BVLOS pathways), and lifetime support. The Dock maintenance training bolsters heliguy™'s Dock service offering, ensuring we can effectively support clients with technical assistance throughout their Dock project lifecycle.

heliguy™ engineers Ben Shirley (Training Development Manager and DJI Dock Product Manager), and Kevin Morton (Assistant Operations Manager), attended the in-person practical training with DJI in Germany, which included a timed assessment. A theoretical examination is also part of the course.



Ben said: "The DJI Dock technical training was invaluable, and will aid our delivery in supporting our clients throughout the lifecycle of their DJI Dock programme.

"By mastering the installation, maintenance, and servicing of the Dock, we can provide comprehensive support in situ, ensuring optimal performance, efficiency and reliability.

"It also means that heliguy™ can better support applications to operate the DJI Dock, together with the DJI Matrice 30, in a Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) capacity: A significant factor of which requires an intimate knowledge of the technology, components and component redundancy."


The DJI Dock Technician Course: Unveiling the Essentials

Organised and delivered by DJI, the course delivered comprehensive training to equip technicians with in-depth knowledge and the relevant skills and expertise needed to deliver the full range of technical support services for the DJI Dock.



The theoretical side of the training covered a breadth of material, including technical specifications of each of the Dock's components and an in-depth guide to site installation. It culminated in an examination.

Upon completion, the heliguy™ team attended the in-person practical module, hosted by DJI at chemical plastics manufacturer, Röhm, in Germany.

This involved hands-on training - to understand the architecture of the Dock, gain practical skills and enhanced fault identification abilities - and concluded with a timed practical assessment to disassemble and reassemble the Dock.



Ben said: "I've lived and breathed the DJI Dock since its launch, so it was a significant professional milestone to complete the course and further my knowledge beyond the management of the technology.

"In this ever-evolving world of drone technology, it's crucial to stay ahead of the latest advancements and acquire specialised knowledge to provide the highest levels of support to organisations who are adopting the DJI Dock."



Kevin, formerly the head of heliguy™ technical team and in-house repair centre, said. "As a qualified DJI drone repair and AeroScope technician, I was able to transfer my knowledge and skills to Dock.

"From diving into the complex theoretical aspects, to getting hands-on with disassembly and reassembly, the course provided a well-rounded understanding of the DJI Dock. It pushed me to expand my knowledge and honed my fault identification skills. The engaging sessions, combined with the expertise of the instructors, made the learning process both informative and enjoyable."



heliguy™ is pleased to support the adoption of the DJI Dock for a range of verticals, and with our newly-qualified technicians, we are aligned to offer lifetime support. Contact us to discuss DJI Dock integration to your drone programme.

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