Heliguy partners with Drone Ag to offer crop scouting app and DJI Agras drone spraying training

Heliguy partners with Drone Ag to offer crop scouting app and DJI Agras drone spraying training

heliguy™ and Drone Ag partner to offer an end-to-end workflow for deploying drones for agriculture. The partnership includes the Skippy Scout platform for fast and accurate crop scouting and the delivery of a dedicated DJI Agras drone spraying course.

Last updated: Feb 22, 2023

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  • Partnership announced between heliguy™ and Drone Ag to help farmers utilise drones for automated precision agriculture;
  • heliguy™ offering Drone Ag’s Skippy Scout platform: An efficient and accurate crop scouting app for DJI drones which captures leaf-level imagery and creates detailed field reports for data-driven decision-making;
  • A new DJI Agras drone spraying course, combined with GVC training provision, is now available, delivered in partnership between heliguy™ and Drone Ag;
  • Skippy Scout and the DJI Agras can be used as part of an end-to-end workflow for agriculture, combining detailed mapping data with targeted spraying.

Drone specialist heliguy™ has partnered with pioneering AI software developers Drone Ag to provide an end-to-end workflow for automated precision agriculture.

heliguy™ is now selling Drone Ag’s Skippy Scout platform: A real-time crop scouting app for DJI drones which captures leaf-level detail and provides in-depth field reports - accurately and efficiently.



A dedicated DJI Agras drone spraying course will also be delivered by Drone Ag and heliguy™.

Skippy Scout and DJI Agras can be deployed as part of an interconnected workflow: Using drone crop scouting and mapping to quickly and accurately diagnose issues in the field, and then tackling these problems through precise and targeted spraying with DJI Agras.



Michael Smith, Operations Manager at heliguy™, said: “We are delighted to partner with Drone Ag to facilitate more productive agricultural practices through effective and efficient automated drone technologies."

"This partnership will make drone technology more accessible to farmers, combining our model of DJI drone supply, consultancy, repairs and training, with Drone Ag’s expertise in the sector and their tried and tested Skippy Scout platform.

"Using drones for agriculture is an emerging trend in the UK and we believe that Skippy Scout and DJI Agras can bring huge improvements to agricultural efficiency.

"We believe the partnership will pave the way for innovative drone solutions in agriculture, on our way to a digital agricultural future"



Jack Wrangham, Drone Ag CEO and Founder, said: “"We're looking forward to working more closely with the experts at heliguy™.

"Combined with our expertise in agricultural drone systems, the partnership offers an extremely high level of drone hardware supply, training and services.

"It is a perfect match that will provide anyone looking to utilise drones in agriculture with the highest level of expertise and service, throughout the UK and beyond."

Automated Crop Scouting With Skippy Scout

The Skippy Scout platform enables ag professionals to conduct fully-automated, pre-programmed and targeted drone flights to obtain field overviews and close-up imagery for analysis. It is 20x faster than traditional field walking.

The collected imagery is then analysed by cutting-edge AI algorithms and the data is turned into detailed field reports to provide insights on crop health, variability, problems and progress. This enables real-time data-driven decision-making.



Benefits of Skippy Scout include:

  • Actionable crop-specific analysis, from seed to harvest.
  • High-resolution drone imagery to count crops, including oil seed rape.
  • Analysis and measurement of  unhealthy leaves and pest damage detection.
  • Accurate variable rate nitrogen recommendations.
  • Post-flowering ratios for an accurate report of interplaying pod development, ripening and senescence in oil seed rape.

The DJI Air 2S is currently the best drone for Skippy Scout, although the software can also be integrated with the DJI Mini 2 and DJI Air 2 drones. Compatibility with the DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise Series (Mavic 3E and Mavic 3 Multispectral) is expected soon.

DJI Agras Drone Spray Training

The DJI Agras drone spraying course is designed to enable pilots to effectively and confidently deploy the Agras platform for targeted and automated spraying.

Drone spraying is an emerging trend in the UK and this course will help farmers embrace the technology and set the foundations for future developments in the sector.



In the UK, drones can be used to spray non-regulated substances, while the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) does accept requests to permit the application of pesticides by drone, judged on a case-by-case scenario.

The course combines CAA-approved GVC drone training - delivered by the heliguy™ instructors - with DJI Agras training, provided by the team at Drone Ag, who have vast experience deploying the aircraft.

Topics covered include chemical mixing and handling, including licensing, techniques, and disposal; Agras kit review, including spray tank and spreading module; manual practice flight with a DJI Agras drone; and DJI Agras specific functions and applications.

The course is held on location at Drone Ag’s premises in Northumberland - providing an ideal backdrop for agricultural application training - and is delivered over a period of up to five days, depending on the number of candidates.

An OSC is required to operate a DJI Agras: heliguy™ has an in-house OSC consultancy to facilitate the creation of the submission document, so completing DJI Agras training with heliguy™ and Drone Ag provides training continuity and a seamless transition.

If you are interested in finding out about benefiting from drones for agriculture, and to find out more about adding Skippy Scout to your workflow or the DJI Agras spraying course, contact us.

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