Heliguy Tactical Dog Camera Features On BBC One Frontline Fightback

Heliguy Tactical Dog Camera Features On BBC One Frontline Fightback

The heliguy™ tactical dog camera has been showcased on BBC One series, Frontline Fightback. The camera uses technology from the drone sector. During the show, Cumbria Police describes the camera as vital, while narrator Rav Wilding says it helps apprehend criminals and has the potential to save lives.

Published on: May 15, 2023
Last updated: May 15, 2023

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Heliguy tactical dog camera has featured on BBC One's Frontline Fightback.

  • heliguy™ tactical dog camera features on BBC One's Frontline Fightback;
  • The segment shows Cumbria Constabulary putting the camera through its paces;
  • Using drone sector technology, the camera relays footage from the dog's perspective back to officers to improve situational awareness;
  • PC Glenn Myerscough, a dog handler at Cumbria Police, tells the show that the development of the camera has been vital, while narrator Rav Wilding says it has the potential to save lives;  
  • The show aired today (May 15) and can be viewed on BBC iPlayer;
  • The dog camera has been designed and manufactured in-house at heliguy™ Lab.

The heliguy™ tactical dog camera has been showcased on BBC One's Frontline Fightback.


Heliguy tactical dog camera.


Designed and manufactured in-house by heliguy™ Lab, the canine camera helps police forces obtain live situational awareness and gather evidence.

It utilises technology from the drone sector - providing lightweight HD camera functionality and enabling a long-range video link for enhanced signal strength and a more reliable feed.

A Sony 8MP IMX219 camera is moulded onto an impact-resistant Trident K9 Tactical Helmet worn by the dog. Footage, captured from the animal's perspective, is instantly transmitted to a screen worn by police officers, enabling them to see what the dog ahead of them can see. Find out more about its key features, here.

The Frontline Fightback segment - which aired this morning (Monday, May 15) as part of the first episode of series three - demonstrated how Cumbria Constabulary is benefiting from the dog camera. The episode is available to view on BBC iPlayer.



PC Glenn Myerscough, a dog handler at Cumbria Constabulary, told the BBC: "The development of this camera has been vital. It is really useful - giving us peace of mind, knowing that we aren't going into any surprises. It is exactly what we wanted.

"It allows us to search a particular area and see exactly what the dog sees in near real-time, and the footage is HD quality. This allows us to relay that information in terms of commentary, such as the layout of the building, who our officers will face, and if that person it armed.

"It gives the team some security - knowing what they are going into and what they are going to face, which benefits everyone in the operation."



Reflecting on the camera's performance, PC Myerscough said: "We've done various range tests on the camera, whether it be outdoors or inside buildings. When it comes to your standard two-up, two-down, or three-bedroom semi, there's no issues with signal and the dog can work maybe 300 metres ahead of us and we've still got no issues.

"Within large buildings that are made of metal, the signal strength does decrease, but nothing that impacts the operational capability of the dog team."

During the episode, the show's narrator,  Rav Wilding, says: "In a real-life situation, information like this is  invaluable. This sort of situational awareness not only helps to apprehend suspects, it also has the potential to save lives."



The dog cam is a cost-effective solution compared to similar devices on the market. Many are developed overseas - resulting in higher prices and longer repair times. Instead, UK manufacture, supply and support from heliguy™ provides organisations with significant cost savings, quick build times, reduced downtime in the event of a repair, and streamlined assistance. 

Designed to meet the demands of UK police forces, the dog cam addresses limitations found in alternative models, featuring enhanced battery life, the addition of image timestamping, better integration with police IT systems, and a device tailored to the requirements of canine handlers, without redundant or unnecessary features.

heliguy™ Lead Product Designer, Ross Embleton, told Frontline Fightback: "The dog camera takes camera technology and video transmission technology that is found in drones and puts it into a small, lightweight device that sits on the dog's head and transmits the video in almost real-time back to the user so they can see exactly what the dog is seeing. 



"Not only do you see rooms that you don't need to enter, but you are seeing the exact route that you need to take to get to the area of interest.

"The efficiency of having a camera on the dog's head, transmitting video back to the officer, allows police to apprehend a person much faster, and makes the operation safer." 

Ross will feature throughout the series, which will also highlight how drones are helping police.

Frontline Fightback is a daytime documentary series looking at some of the ways in which the very latest technology, combined with some clever police work, is helping tackle crime. Starting today (May 15), the third series airs at 10am every weekday for the next two weeks.

To find out more about the dog camera and to inquire about adding it to your operations, contact us

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