New: Amimon CONNEX Mini for Wireless HD Video

New: Amimon CONNEX Mini for Wireless HD Video

The Amimon Connex Mini is a smaller, lighter and cheaper version of the highly acclaimed Connex zero latency HD video transmission system.

Last updated: Mar 11, 2021

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Connex Mini logo Amimon CONNEX, the wireless HD video transmission system, now has a baby brother. The CONNEX Mini (£1099) is smaller, lighter and cheaper than the original CONNEX. It should make it more suitable for commercial drones but the trade-off for the smaller/lighter is reduced maximum transmission range. The original CONNEX boasts up to 1 kilometre or 3000 feet - that's double the 500 metres a drone would normally be allowed to fly in the UK but in the real world it gives you something in reserve. Amimon Connex Mini transmitter and receiver The Amimon Connex Mini transmitter and receiver The CONNEX Mini, on the other hand, will transmit up to 500 metres or 1500 feet. That's still within the UK drone operating limits and may still be suited to your style of operation. Because it is smaller, lighter and cheaper it might be just what you're looking for. It certainly represents a good entry level package for Amimon products. Connex Mini on DJI S900 Connex Mini on a DJI S900 It's definitely suited to many other HD video link applications where remote or mounted cameras need to be monitored with the best picture quality and zero latency. The exciting CONNEX Mini video at the start of this article gives you some ideas - handheld camera stabilisers like the DJI Ronin or Ronin M, and a GoPro camera linked to an Atomos 4K recorder. Connex Mini and video recorder The CONNEX Mini receiver attached to a recorder/monitor Amimon Connex and GoPro CONNEX Mini’s advanced 5GHz transmitter with automatic channel selection ensures safe and reliable connectivity, which isn't affected by interference from  2.4GHz radio links used to control a drone . Up to four screens can be supported by its multicasting facility, all in HD. The CONNEX Mini kit includes all antennas, cables and connectors required for link setup. The CONNEX Mini also comes with an app. There are Windows, Mac OSX and Android versions. If you already have an original Amimon CONNEX system then you'll be pleased to hear that the latest firmware upgrade to V3.0 will bring with it double the number of frequencies and manual tuning. For those of you who still like this sort of video, here's an unboxing of the Amimon CONNEX Mini. At least you know what you're getting for your money and what good value it is. Connex Mini logo
Latency Zero Zero
Range 1 km / 3000 feet 500m / 1500 feet
Resolution 1080p60 1080p60
Channel BW 40 MHz (11 channels)        20 MHz (22 channels)* 40 MHz
Manual Frequency Selection Yes* No
Management App Win, Mac OSX, Android* Win, Mac OSX, Android
Air Unit Weight 130 gms / 4.5 oz 60 gms / 2.1 oz
Dimensions 103 x 64 x 16 / 129 x 89 x 20 66 x 45 x 15 / 100 x 71 x 17
RRP £1299.00 £1099.00
* Version 3.0 firmware includes new capabilities. All CONNEX systems are upgradeable to this version.

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