The New UPGRADED Phantom 2

The New UPGRADED Phantom 2

The new upgraded Phantom 2 features a number of great little features, here are the ones we love.

Last updated: Mar 11, 2021

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In the past few weeks, in the run up to the release of the DJI Inspire 1, the Phantom 2 got a facelift. The new upgraded Phantom 2 features a number of great little features, here are the ones we love.

The Transmitter

So the new upgrade version of the phantom 2 came out last week and has a lot of good features! The first being that instead of the lever on the back (which controls camera tilt control) which caused a lot of people problems, by disconnecting internally, we have now a scroll wheel located on the side of the transmitter. This enables easier and smoother camera movements and seems a lot sturdier than that thin piece of plastic that was located on the older model. The transmitters now also come with a built in li-po battery which means that no more alkaline batteries are needed!

These new Transmitter’s also come with a training port as well which means beginners can easily learn how to fly using simulations before even flying there rig outside. Below a diagram compares the old and new model:

Upgraded Phantom 2 Transmitter Upgraded Phantom 2 Transmitter

The new transmitter also allows Throttle Lock Pull down. The throttle stick when pushed down to descend, the stick will lock into place and the aircraft will descend steadily.v2-2

Push the throttle stick upward to release throttle lock. Also as you can see above the battery also has a battery level indicator which will work as such:


The Motors and ESC’s

Dji have also released new motors and esc’s with this upgrade and can give up to a 200g capacity boost at each motor when paired with the new 9450 props. This means more equipment can be added to the phantom without sacrificing any flight time at all. The electro magnetic design increases maximum output power by nearly 25%!

The props have a diameter of 9.4 inch x 5.0 inch and a maximum thrust of 660g (with 2212 motor KV920 @12V ).

The motors also have introduced ‘double layered, single wired stator technology’ within these motors. This improves heat dissipation and design improves motor efficiency and its ability to withstand a larger current, ensuring consistency in the motor’s performance. Bearings within the motor have a higher durability and have a greater withstand to impact in case of any accidents lowering repair costs.


Another minor adjustment to the new version of the phantom is that the compass has now a protective shell which lies around the compass located on the leg of the phantom.


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