Thermal camera for DJI Inspire 1

Thermal camera for DJI Inspire 1

Thermal camera for DJI Inspire 1 is now available in resolution of 336 X 256 from Heliguy. Call 0191 296 1024 to discuss the new upgrade.

Last updated: Sep 29, 2021

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UPDATE: DJI have since announced the new Zenmuse XT thermal imaging camera which they have developed with FLIR Imaging. Read more about it here.

Great news for DJI Inspire 1 owners and anyone who wants to get a thermal camera on a drone. heliguy™ can now supply a FLIR (Forward Looking Infra-Red) camera upgrade for the extremely versatile Inspire. FLIR camera for DJI Inspire 1 In collaboration with UK company Tectronik , we can supply a tiny, fixed FLIR camera, on-board recorder and transmitter plus an extra monitor for your Inspire's controller. The kit also comes with a remote controller for the camera for adjusting settings from the ground up to 1km away. It operates on a separate 868 MHz frequency while the video feed is on the normal 5.8 GHz FPV channels. Meanwhile the Inspire and its camera work on 2.4 GHz via DJI Lightbridge. A special bracket has been designed to attach the FLIR just above the Inspire's camera gimbal so that it's pointing downwards at a 45 degree angle. The whole set-up is self-contained and complete with its own power supply, rather like our FPV camera upgrade for the Inspire 1. It records onto an SD card on a small, on-board, digital video recorder. The TTCM-336-2 has resolution of 336 X 256. Inspire 1 FLIR cam 03 Now for some superlatives. The cameras are, according to Tectronik, the smallest, lightest, uncooled, IP67 thermal cameras with a dedicated remote controller in existence. • Industry leading image processing and temperature measurement. • Adjustable image processing and enhancement modes for clearer imagery. • Accurate temperature data for Radiometry, Video Analytics and Agronometrics. • Isotherm thresholds to colourize temperatures of interest in the grey scale. • 17 μm VOx FPA pixels for greater image detail. • High Sensitivity: <50mK@f1.0 • Low power - Can be powered using a single lithium 3.7v cell. • IP 67 aluminium housing. • Lightweight & functional design weighing 50g. • Dimensions - 47mm x 34mm x 26mm. • Remote control with additional image processing modes. Range 1Km (LOS). Buy this complete thermal imaging camera set-up from heliguy™ for just £5499 including fitting to your DJI Inspire 1. Thermal imaging camera on DJI Inspire 1     FLIR TX and RX The video transmitter and remote control receiver for the FLIR camera mounted at rear of Inspire. FLIR camera on DJI Inspire 1

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