Training from Heliguy Inspires Police Force

Training from Heliguy Inspires Police Force

Heliguy has helped Cumbria Police with drone training so that they can use Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to beat crime and to keep people safe.

Last updated: Dec 14, 2021

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heliguy™ has helped the police in Cumbria with drone training so that they can use UAVs to tackle crime and to keep people safe. Earlier this year, staff from the Constabulary’s Operational Support Unit came to Heliguy's headquarters in Newcastle for a day's classroom training on how to use DJI Inspire 1 quadcopters as police drones.


Searches for missing people

The force's Operational Support Unit bought two of the UAVs to assess them in a wide range of roles and, after rigorous testing, they've been used in a number of missing person searches in the county. Over the August Bank Holiday weekend one of the aircraft was used in the Workington area of the Cumbrian coast to search for a man from Cockermouth who'd disappeared.


Chief Inspector Matt Kennerley, from the Operational Support Unit, said: “The benefit of using UAVs to assist police operations has already been proven in other police force areas and we believe this is going to be an innovative and cost-effective resource that will enable officers to save lives and tackle criminal activity.

Chief Inspector Matt Kennerley

Chief Inspector Matt Kennerley “The UAVs will help collect evidence and monitor events from a distance which would help us detect crime and prosecute offenders. The UAVs can also be deployed into situations where deploying patrols would put members of the public or officers themselves at risk.

Helicopters are costly and time consuming

“Previously the only way officers in Cumbria could gain aerial assistance was to call out a police helicopter from the National Police Air Service. This would not only be a costly resource for the force but it can also be time-consuming. The use of the UAVs however provides a solution to this problem. “UAVs will only be deployed when required and they will not replace patrols. They are an effective resource that provides police with an efficient air advantage.” Cumbria's Police and Crime Commissioner Richard Rhodes said: “The way that we police is changing and it is good to see the Constabulary embracing technology with the UAVs.”

Richard Rhodes

Cumbria's Police & Crime Commissioner Richard Rhodes The DJI Inspire 1 can record video in Ultra High Definition 4K and beam live pictures back to the operator in HD. It can be supplied with a second controller so that a pilot can control the aircraft while a camera operator can rotate the gimbal through 360 degrees. heliguy™ can also supply an extra first person view camera which enables the pilot to see straight ahead even if the main camera is being pointed elsewhere.


heliguy™ training for you

heliguy™ offers a 4 day training course for pilots who want to earn a living from this exciting form of flying. With UAVs being used increasingly for inspection work, mapping and surveys as well as movie making and photography, now's the time to get your Civil Aviation Authority qualification or Permission for Aerial Work (PFAW). We also offer tailor-made courses for organisations such as police forces, fire and rescue services, oil, gas and electricity companies.

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