Unveiling DJI's Agras T25 and T50: DJI's Latest Agricultural Drones

Unveiling DJI's Agras T25 and T50: DJI's Latest Agricultural Drones

DJI introduces its latest agricultural drone technology, the Agras T25 and T50, poised to revolutionise global farming with their enhanced spraying efficiency, increased payload capacity, and advanced safety features.

Last updated: Apr 26, 2024

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  • Introducing DJI's latest advancements in agricultural drone technology: the Agras T25 and T50.
  • Delve into their features and solutions they are providing for farming practices worldwide. 
  • Discover how the Agras T25 and T50 redefine precision agriculture with enhanced spraying efficiency, increased payload capacity, and advanced safety features.

DJI unveils its latest agricultural drone technology: The Agras T50 and Agras T25



Expanding upon the renowned Agras drone series, the T50 delivers unmatched efficiency tailored for larger-scale growing operations.

It has a spraying capacity of 40kg and a spreading capacity of 50kg. This efficient solution can spray up to 50 acres an hour.

The lightweight T25 - equipped with many of the same features of the T50 - is crafted with portability in mind, ideal for smaller fields. It has a spraying payload capacity of 20kg and a spreading payload capacity of 25kg. 

Both drones integrate with the upgraded SmartFarm app, offering powerful features for comprehensive aerial application management.

This blog explores their key features and looks at how Agras T50 and T25 can transform farming practices through enhanced spraying efficiency.



Key Features and Upgrades of the T25 and T50

  • Dual Radar: Both drones incorporate dual Active Phased Array Radars and binocular vision sensors, enabling accurate reconstruction of its surroundings. This facilitates intelligent obstacle sensing and bypassing, as well as Terrain Following over slopes.
  • Four Sprinkler Kit: Equip an additional pair of centrifugal sprinklers, boosting the flow rate up to 24 litres per minute. 
  • DJI SmartFarm Compatibility: DJI SmartFarm app streamlines daily drone operations for crop protection and plot management with enhanced data visualisation and reporting, and a dynamic device management dashboard.
  • Enhanced Data Security Measures: DJI prioritises data privacy, giving customers control over their data usage. By default, no flight logs, photos, or videos sync with DJI. Agras drones store data locally in the remote control and the drone, and operators must opt-in to share or store data on DJI servers.




Both the Agras T25 and T50 feature robust designs capable of holding and distributing water beyond their predecessors, with the T50 boasting an impressive 75-litre capacity.

Upgraded downwash strength and larger penetration capacity significantly boost operational efficiency, ensuring better coverage and effectiveness in spraying tasks.

Moreover, these drones offer increased payload capacities, providing farmers with greater flexibility and resource utilisation.

Equipped with dual automated spraying systems complete with high-flow rate sprinklers and adjustable droplet sizes, they deliver unmatched precision and versatility in spraying applications.

Additionally, their corrosion-resistant constructions, powered by magnetic drive impellers, ensure longevity and reliability in harsh agricultural environments.

Safety remains paramount with dual front and back FPV cameras for monitoring autonomous and manual flights, coupled with spherical radar sensing systems that enhance operational safety throughout all phases of operation.

These innovations mark a significant step forward in precision agriculture, empowering farmers with unparalleled efficiency and productivity. 

T50 Vs T25 

Let's take a look at what separates these two farming drones. 


Feature T50 T25
Spraying Capability  40 kg  20kg
Spreading Capacity 50 kg / 75 l 25 kg / 35 l
Two sets of active phased array radars + Two sets of binocular vision

Dual atomised spraying system
UHD FPV gimbal camera

Fixed-altitude flight over 50° slopes

Aerial survey of farmlands and orchards

Aerial survey / mapping

Four sprinkler configuration

1500 battery cycles



The biggest differnce between these two sparaying drones is their size, and therefore sparaying capacity. The bigger your land, the bigger the drone we reccommend. 

Contact us to learn more about the Agras T25 and T50, and how they can benefit your operations. 

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