WingtraOne Fixed-wing Drone Available At Heliguy

WingtraOne Fixed-wing Drone Available At Heliguy

The WingtraOne fixed-wing drone has been added to the™ product portfolio - offering a BVLOS-ready, VTOL solution to aerial mapping clients.

Last updated: Mar 03, 2021

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  • WingtraOne VTOL fixed-wing drone added to the™ product portfolio;
  • The WingtraOne is ideal for large-area surveys and can provide absolute accuracy down to 1cm;
  •™ demonstrated the WingtraOne to client RUAS, a drone services company;
  • RUAS praised the capabilities of the WingtraOne, and said it will complement its fleet of DJI drones;
  • Buy the WingtraOne from™ by clicking here.

Drone specialist™ has added the WingtraOne to our product portfolio - offering a BVLOS-ready, VTOL drone solution to aerial mapping clients.

This state-of-the-art UAS is ideal for large-area surveys, covering up to 400ha in a one-hour flight and capable of delivering incredible absolute accuracy down to 1cm (0.4in).

Expanding our services to fixed-wing aircraft, such as the WingtraOne, further strengthens our ability to provide industry-leading technology to enable our clients to start and scale their commercial drone programmes.

Matthew Cairns, part of Heligy's enterprise drone team

The WingtraOne was recently demonstrated to™ client RUAS - a commercial drone services company - at its facility in Newport, south Wales.

RUAS requires a fixed-wing solution with high-accuracy requirements to bolster its surveying missions, especially to maximise efficiency over bigger sites, including Network Rail infrastructure.

WingtraOne's VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) feature enables the drone to take-off and land safely on every terrain, even in confined spaces.

RUAS Scaling Drone Fleet™ already supplies and supports RUAS’ fleet of DJI drones - such as the M300 RTK, M210 RTK, and M600 Pro.

The demonstration represented a continuation of the relationship.

As an advocate of drone technology and with a client list including Network Rail and Shell, RUAS understands how UAS can enhance surveying - helping to collect accurate data quicker and safer than traditional methods.

WingtraOne: 'Highly-accurate Data Capture - Guaranteed'

RUAS was especially impressed with the WingtraOne's resolved nature.

Operations Director Tim Harris said: “As the demand and growth for survey work continues to flourish, so does the expectations for aircraft and tools to provide the highest in quality outputs and data.

"The WingtraOne was the obvious choice to expand our fleet to take on these new challenges, complementing our aircraft operations with its revolutionary VTOL capabilities and payloads that excel at the forefront of the industry.

"With this new capability at our fingertips, we can guarantee exceptional and highly-accurate data capture and imagery that meets our clients’ needs, every time.

"It covers larger areas than ever before - rapidly - and this reduces the demands of both costs and time."

WingtraOne To Complement DJI Fleet

While RUAS is adding the WingtraOne to its fleet, it is not turning its back on its DJI contingent.

Rather, the WingtraOne will complement the firm’s existing multirotor drone provision and provide the ability to capture larger datasets more quickly.

This enables the company to meet the needs of its clients, on missions ranging from close visual inspection to accurate survey and data capture, to high-definition imagery and video.

Tim said: “RUAS undertakes the planning and execution of multiple drone operations every day, each with their own specific challenges and taskings.

"To make each one a success, we know that we have to rely on the capabilities of our equipment and our aircraft to ensure that every flight is not just conducted to our clients’ specifications, but also with safety being held in the highest regard."

DJI Drones 'Exceed The Needs Of Our Clients'

The image below shows RUAS deploying the DJI M210 RTK for a close visual inspection of Perth Bridge.

Praising the DJI ecosystem, Tim said: "We consistently use DJI products for any and all operations that come into contact with public airspace.

"This ensures our pilots have the assurance and the capability to conduct flights safely with confidence.

"DJI has set itself apart as the unequivocal industry leader in the standard of drone manufacture and design.

"This helps us to meet, and in many cases exceed, the needs of our clients across a multitude of sectors and industries.”

Why Choose The WingtraOne VTOL Fixed-wing Drone?

The WingtraOne VTOL mapping drone is capable of performing fast aerial surveys across wide or hard-to-reach areas and producing reliable maps with unparalleled resolution and accuracy.

WingtraOne can be equipped with a choice of Sony high-resolution mapping cameras - including the flagship 42MP Sony RX1R II sensor (pictured, left) - or professional multispectral cameras from MicaSense (pictured, right).

Thanks to the drone’s autonomous flying operations, surveyors can capture geo-tagged aerial images with virtually no previous fixed-wing track record, and use major photogrammetry software to create highly-accurate orthomosaics and 3D models.

When coupled with the PPK module and the Sony RX1R II, the WingtraOne delivers incredible absolute accuracy down to 1cm. It can also achieve 0.7cm/px GSD.

With this set up, it can map up to 400ha in a one-hour flight with a GSD of 3cm/px.

The WingtraOne is a VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) aircraft. This means it takes off and lands like a helicopter, but flies like a fixed-wing drone.

Descending vertically prevents belly landings, avoiding damage to payloads and the drone itself, and enables the aircraft to deploy in confined areas.

This rugged and safe aircraft can operate in temperatures from -10°C to 40°C and has a maximum flight time of up to 59 minutes.

WingtraOne Added To heliguy™ Portfolio

Thanks to its vast capabilities, the WingtraOne can be used for surveying/GIS, mining/aggregates, construction/infrastructure, and environment/research.

Matthew Cairns, part of™’s DJI Enterprise team, is delighted to add the VTOL drone to Heliguy’s product portfolio.

He said: “The WingtraOne is a powerful aircraft which enables surveying professionals to capture incredibly accurate and detailed aerial data across larger mapping sites.

“The demonstration with RUAS went very well; we were impressed with the WingtraOne, and its capabilities will benefit RUAS and our other enterprise clients.

“Heliguy has a track record of supporting and supplying leading surveying companies.

"Expanding our services to fixed-wing aircraft, such as the WingtraOne, further strengthens our ability to provide industry-leading technology to enable our clients to start and scale their commercial drone programmes.”

To complement this, heliguy™ - as an approved RAE - is permitted to teach fixed-wing training and will be uploading training content to our Blackbox online learning hub shortly.

To find out how heliguy™ can help your commercial drone programme, and for more information about the WingtraOne, contact us by phone or email.™ has partnered with Sunbelt Rentals Survey - a provider of land survey and precision measurement technologies - to integrate the WingtraOne into our product portfolio.

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