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Drone Detection Guide

How to detect, identify and combat rogue drones in sensitive airspace.

Rogue and illegal drone use has been dominating the headlines recently. The disruption caused at Gatwick Airport in December 2018 - following a host of alleged UAV sightings - thrust the issue into the spotlight and showed just how crucial it is for sites to be armed with drone-detection technology.

This type of defence system raises alarm bells early, giving enough time to take action against a potential drone threat. This awareness gives enough time to take corrective action - the first step in your security.

Defending against UAVs is nothing new and the market is well established, with multiple solutions available. Anti-drone systems feature technologies including microwave and radar detection, radio monitoring and optical scanning technology. 

Heliguy Drone Detection Expertise

Heliguy is an expert in drone detection, specialising in DJI’s AeroScope solution.

Following the Gatwick chaos, Heliguy has been a key drone-detection partner, installing and testing AeroScope at a number of major UK airports as well as putting the sites’ existing defence systems through their paces.

This vital work with leading airports comes on the back on Heliguy showcasing the specialist AeroScope system at Operation Zenith - a world-first demonstration at Manchester Airport to test how drones and traditional aircraft can safely share the same airspace.

The ground-breaking live-action scenarios were streamed to specially-invited guests at the Royal Aeronautical Society, in London.

Heliguy Layered Drone Detection - Simple yet Powerful

To take drone detection to the next level and to have a comprehensive and all-encompassing strategy, a layered solution is an extremely effective cause of action. Our exclusive partnership with Operational Solutions (OSL) allows us to offer this incredibly capable set up.

Harnessing the power of multiple systems - including DJI AeroScope - this integrated approach offers a complete detection package.

AeroScope is a sophisticated piece of kit and is the best in the business for detecting DJI drones and providing in-depth, real-time information about a potential UAV threat. However, AeroScope can only detect DJI drones. This is nothing to be scoffed at, as the company’s UAVs account for the vast majority of popular drones. But, with this in mind, it is important to plug the gaps - and this is where a multi-sensor solution comes in.

DJI AeroScope


OSL Interface


RGB Camera


Infrared Camera


Robin ELVIRA Radar

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What does the Layered Solution include?

This integrated solution features AeroScope, working in tandem with the OSL Face interface - a one-stop-shop piece of visual software. This intelligent platform integrates all radars onto one map - eliminating the need for multiple computer monitors in an easy-to-use format.

The sophisticated Face interface also uses AI to help capture evidence using the integrated camera sensor. OSL’s map-based interface, Face, is comprised of colour-coded tracks. Red tracks indicate drones and their flight path. Orange tracks represent suspected drones. Green tracks represent birds and other moving targets. 

All track types can be toggled on and off, and the track visualisations and colours are all user configurable. Google Earth imagery is used as background mapping as standard and is automatically downloaded when connected to the internet.


How is Radar utilised in Heliguy's Drone Detection Solution?

To take your drone defence even further, the advanced Robin ELVIRA can be integrated into this layered solution and is the final piece in the jigsaw.

ELVIRA is a purpose-built drone detection and tracking tool, combining smart software with affordable radar, offering a large coverage area. 

It has been specifically designed to meet a variety of challenges. These include:

Working in low-visibility conditions and in urban environments full of obstacles;
Detecting multiple targets simultaneously;
Reliance on the drone and controller radio signals, which are only present when the drone is actively controlled;
Distinguishing drones from other moving objects, like birds, to avoid false alarms

Setup Options for Layered Drone Detection

AeroScope Mobile +

A portable drone detection kit.

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Includes :

1 x AeroScope Mobile Unit

OSL Face Interface

1 x RGB Camera

1 x Infrared Camera

AeroScope G8 +

A large scale drone detection solution.

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Includes :

1 x AeroScope G8 Unit

OSL Face Interface

1 x RGB Camera

1 x Infrared Camera

1 x Robin ELVIRA

AeroScope G16 +

The ultimate drone detection setup.

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Includes :

1 x AeroScope G16 Unit

OSL Face Interface

2 x RGB Camera

2 x Infrared Camera

1 x Robin ELVIRA

Where can drone detection systems be deployed?



Government Sites

Military Sites



How does DJI's Drone Detection Work?

AeroScope monitors the movements of drones in a certain area in real time, helping to identify friendly drones and potential foes.

This comprehensive platform receives important information about the UAVs which are flying in its range, including serial number, speed, direction, home position and the make and model of the aircraft.

AeroScope does this in order to provide real-time telemetry data and drone registration details.

This information helps AeroScope users make an informed response and security decision as soon as possible, helping to prevent accidental drone collisions or disruption and ensure that drone pilots are acting within the regulations in any given area.



Is this a drone?
Is it a known operator?
Can the make and model be determined?


Where in the airspace is the drone located?
What is it's current flight path?
Can the operator be located?


Has a threat been detected?
Decide on the immediate path of action.
Alert the relevant parties ASAP!

What DJI drone detection solutions are available?

DJI AeroScope Mobile

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The Mobile AeroScope unit can be set up quickly and easily anywhere it’s needed. It’s perfect for use at temporary events, mobile deployments or other instances where you need to protect the airspace around you at short notice. It has a range of about 5km.

DJI AeroScope Stationary

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The Stationary unit is designed to be in continuous use outdoors. One of the most significant advantages of using it is the ability to customise and configure the unit precisely to the site that needs to be monitored. In ideal conditions, a Stationary set-up has a range of 50km and can identify drones in as little as two seconds. Data gathered by AeroScope can be hosted on a private server for particularly sensitive airspace and you can integrate with other security systems to provide a more complete picture of the monitored airspace.

Choosing a Static Antenna

How large is the airspace you want to monitor?
Where is your antenna mounted?
How wide an angle do you want AeroScope to cover?

G8 Antenna

Suitable for directional detection when mounted towards the edge of airspace.


G16 Antenna

Suitable for mounting in the centre of the airspace for a wide angle of detection. The G16 is a high gain antenna.