DJI RS 4 gimbal stabiliser.
DJI RS 4 gimbal stabiliser.
DJI RS 4 gimbal stabiliser.


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The DJI RS 4 lightweight commercial stabiliser supports next-generation native vertical shooting with enhanced operation efficiency, improved stabilisation performance, and an upgraded accessory ecosystem.

It empowers solo cinematographers with a more professional and efficient creative experience and the toolset to tell gripping visual stories.

This version is the standard DJI RS 4 package, featuring the RS 4 gimbal stabiliser and basic accessories.

The DJI RS 4 Combo is also available, featuring additional accessories, including Briefcase Handle, Focus Pro Motor, and Focus Gear Strip. The Combo is more cost-effective than purchasing the extra accessories separately.

DJI has also launched the DJI RS 4 Pro gimbal stabiliser, geared towards film and television productions.

DJI RS 4 Accessories

Key Features Of DJI RS 4

  • 2nd-Gen Native Vertical Shooting.
  • Joystick Mode Switch Zoom/Gimbal Control.
  • Teflon™-Coated Axis Arms for Smoother Balancing.
  • 4th-Gen RS Stabilisation Algorithm.
  • 3kg (6.6lbs) Payload Capacity Extended Tilt Axis.
  • RSA Communication Port Extensive Control Ecosystem.
  • High-Capacity Battery Grip offering approx. 2.5x Battery Runtime.
  • Vast accessory ecosystem.

Quick Launch

  • 2nd-Gen Native Vertical Shooting: Newly-designed horizontal plate, enabling the second generation of native vertical shooting for faster and simpler operation. Switch to vertical shooting without additional accessories.
  • 2nd-Gen Automated Axis Locks: RS 4 quickly starts working or enters sleep mode, significantly enhancing shooting, transition, and storage efficiency.
  • Smooth Balancing Experience: A Teflon™ coating for all three axes results in reduced friction and helps achieve smoother and more precise balancing.
  • Automatic Screen Lock: OLED touchscreen incorporates a new auto-lock feature. Once locked, the screen will display the current gimbal and joystick modes at a low brightnesss.

Powerful Stabilisation, Professional Creation

  • Large Payload Capacity: Support up to 3kg of payload and carry mainstream mirrorless camera and lens combinations. Compared to the previous generation, RS 4's tilt axis has been extended by 8.5mm for expanded balancing space. 
  • 4th-Gen RS Stabilisation Algorithm: The optimised next-gen stabilisation strikes a balance between strength and tactile feel of the camera movement for an enhanced user experience.
  • Pro-level Creation: DJI RS 4 supports the professional-grade features of DJI PRO products.
  • Bluetooth Wireless Control: Remotely control camera shutter and lens zoom with Dual-Mode Bluetooth technology for a native zoom experience.
  • DJI Focus Pro Motor: When paired with the new DJI Focus Pro Motor, control the lens focus via dial or adjust the lens zoom via joystick. The DJI Focus Pro Motor is included in the RS 4 Combo.
  • Trigger Function Customisation: Customise to FPV mode - useful for shooting rotational footage or simulating POV.
  • Gimbal Mode Switch: Quickly switch between PF, PTF, and FPV modes. Also set FPV mode to 3D Roll 360 mode or Custom mode according to the shooting requirements, ensuring RS 4 is precision-ready.
  • Intelligent Features: Motionlapse, Track, and Panorama.

Accessory Ecosystem

  • RSA Communication Port: DJI RS 4 introduces an RSA communication port, which allows for the connection of accessories such as the DJI RS Tethered Control Handle and third-party accessories like control handles and remote-control ring handles.
  • DJI RS BG70 High-capacity Battery Grip: Extend RS 4's battery runtime to 29.5 hours. It also supports powering your camera and accessories with up to 18 W via the USB-C port at the bottom.
  • DJI Ronin Image Transmitter: Pair with the Ronin Image Transmitter for an integrated shooting experience and achieve high-definition live feeds, remote gimbal and camera control, ActiveTrack 4.0, and Force Mobile.
  • Accessory Pairing: DJI RS series accessories such as the RS BG30 Battery Grip, RS Focus Motor (2022), and Ronin Image Transmitter, are all compatible with RS 4

Product specification


Tested Payload 3 kg (6.6 lbs)
Maximum Controlled Rotation Speed Pan: 360°/s
Tilt: 360°/s
Roll: 360°/s
Mechanical Range Pan Axis: 360° continuous rotation
Roll Axis: -95° to +240°
Tilt Axis: -112° to +214°
Operating Frequency 2.400-2.4835 GHz
Bluetooth Transmitter Power < 8 dBm
Operating Temperature -20° to 45° C (-4° to 113° F)
Weight Gimbal: Approx. 1066 g (2.35 lbs)
Grip: Approx. 203 g (0.45 lbs)
Extended Grip/Tripod (Plastic): Approx. 183 g (0.4 lbs)
Upper and Lower Quick-Release Plates: Approx. 98 g (0.22 lbs)
DimensionsFolded: 245 × 255 × 75 mm (L × W × H, excluding camera, grip, and the Extended Grip/Tripod)
Unfolded: 370 × 191 × 189 mm (L × W × H, height includes grip and excludes the Extended Grip/Tripod)
Accessory Port Ronin Series Accessories (RSA)/NATO Ports
1/4"-20 Mounting Hole
Cold Shoe
Video Transmission Port (USB-C)
RSS Camera Control Port (USB-C)
Focus Motor Port (USB-C)
BatteryModel: BHX711-3000-7.2‌‌V
Type: LiPo 2S
Capacity: 3000 mAh
Energy: 21 Wh
Max Runtime: 12 hours (Measured with the gimbal balanced in a level and stationary state. ‌When the gimbal is in motion, the operating time will be reduced).
Charging Time: Approx. 2.5 hours (Measured with a charger supporting 18W fast charging. It is recommended to use chargers supporting PD protocol).
Suggested Charging Temperature: 5° to 40° C (41° to 104° F)
ConnectionsBluetooth 5.1
Charging Port (USB-C)
Ronin App RequirementsiOS 11.0 or above
Android 8.0 or above
Languages Supported by the TouchscreenEnglish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, German, French, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Thai

What's in the Box


Gimbal x 1
BG21 Battery Grip x 1
Quick-release Plate x 1
Extended Grip/Tripod (plastic) x 1
Lens-fastening Support x 1USB-C Charging Cable (40 cm) x 1
DJI Logo Sticker
Screw Kit x 1