Terrasolid UAV for DJI L1 LiDAR drone data.
Terrasolid UAV for DJI L1 LiDAR drone data.
Use the DJI M300 RTK and L1 LiDAR sensor with Terrasolid.

Terrasolid UAV L1 Free Bundle

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Process L1 point clouds automatically and seamlessly.

Free Terrasolid Offer

Terrasolid UAV for the DJI L1 LiDAR drone camera is a high-grade point cloud processing software. It incorporates an automatic wizard to process L1 point clouds automatically and seamlessly. 

A free fully functional evaluation bundle - comprising TerraScan UAV and TerraModeler UAV - is now available. It is licensed free of charge until December 31, 2022.

Terrasolid UAV for the L1 forms part of the end-to-end DJI surveying workflow, which includes the DJI M300 RTK, DJI L1, and DJI Terra.

It is suitable for a range of industry applications, including forestry, powerlines, city planning, infrastructure such as roads and railways, mining, and bathymetry.

Terrasolid enables users to conduct in-depth analysis of their data and build detailed models and vectors.

What's included In the terrasolid UAV Bundle 

Utilise TerraScan and TerraModeler.

Transform Your LiDAR Drone Data

The free Terrasolid UAV bundle comprises TerraScan and TerraModeler to enable drone surveying professionals to process high-quality point clouds from data collected by the L1 LiDAR sensor. 

Additional products can be purchased separately. TerraMatch UAV is a tool for improving the accuracy and quality of the laser point cloud. TerraPhoto UAV offers many tools for visualising laser and image data together and enhancing the colour quality of your end products in combination with tools from TerraScan and TerraModeler. 


TerraScan UAV

TerraScan is a multipurpose tool for professionals working with LiDAR data. It is the main application in the Terrasolid software family for managing and processing all types of point clouds.

Users can produce 3D vector models of buildings automatically over nationwide areas, vectorise power lines, run corridor analysis reporting danger objects or analyse road surface condition or detect paint lines and curb stones. 

The results from the fully automatic classification can be refined by using half-automatic and manual classification tools in combination with versatile 3D point cloud visualisation options.

TerraModeler UAV

TerraModeler UAV enables you to create, edit, and visualise surface models.

It creates surface models from points in TerraScan UAV and the software offers versatile visualisation options, including coloured shaded surfaces, contour lines, grids, coloured triangle nets, elevation texts, slope directions and textured surfaces (in combination with TerraPhoto UAV).


Additional functionality includes the production of contour lines, DSM and DTM models, calculation of volumes, calculation of elevation or volume differences between two surface models, several labelling options as well as other tools for design purposes. 


Terrasolid UAV Requirements

Options For Terrasolid UAV 

Terrasolid UAV for DJI L1 runs on Spatix or MicroStation CAD system. 

The evaluation license requires DJI Terra installation on the same computer.

Terrasolid UAV for DJI L1 Spatix package includes:

  • TerraScan UAV
  • TerraModeler UAV
  • Spatix (comes as free as part of the bundle)
  • Free license to run these until December 31, 2022, on the same computer with DJI Terra.

Terrasolid UAV for DJI L1 MicroStation package includes:

  • TerraScan UAV
  • TerraModeler UAV
  • Free licence to run these until December 31, 2022, on same computer with DJI Terra
  • You must have MicroStation / PowerDraft / Map PowerView to run this.

End-to-end drone survey solution

Seamless workflow for DJI drone mapping.

Terrasolid Complements DJI Terra Drone Software 

Terrasolid forms part of DJI's end-to-end drone LiDAR surveying solution.

It is designed to complement DJI Terra, not compete against it. As standard, DJI Terra must be installed on the same computer as the Terrasolid UAV package.

Terrasolid UAV makes it easier to process DJI Terra data, preserving the highest quality standards of the L1 in the process. Users import the .LAS file from DJI Terra into Terrasolid and the platform enables surveyors to conduct further and more in-depth analysis of their datasets. 


M300 RTK

DJI's most powerful enterprise drone platform. Key features include:

  • Up to 55 minutes of flight time 
  • IP45 Rating
  • Carry up to three payloads at once
  • Advanced safety and redundancy features
  • Versatile, including P1 and H20T compatibility

L1 LiDAR Sensor

The L1 LiDAR sensor brings survey-grade UAV LIDAR to a whole new  price level.

  •  LiDAR module and RGB camera for photogrammetry
  • Point Rate: 240,000 pts/s
  • Supports 3 returns
  • Quality colouring of LIDAR points
  • Highly efficient and accurate

DJI Terra

DJI Terra is an easy-to-use mapping software, transforming real-world scenarios into digital assets. 

  • Advanced flight planning features
  • Point cloud data processing
  • Suite of analysis tools
  • Range of licences available, depending on your missions
  • Suitable for a range of industry applications