Does DJI RS 4 Pro have any key shortcuts?

There are various shortcuts for the DJI RS 4 Pro read below to learn more about the Power Button, Trigger, Front Dial, Camera Control Button, Joystick, and M Button.

1. Power Button
Press and hold: Power on/off.
Press once: Sleep/wake.

‌2. Trigger
Press and hold: Enter Lock/FPV mode (customisable).
Press twice: Re-centre the gimbal.
Press three times: Enter Selfie mode.

3. Front Dial
Electronic focusing (by default).

4. Camera Control Button
Press halfway: Autofocus.
Press once: Start/stop recording.
Press and hold: Take a photo.

5. Joystick - Zoom Control
‌Push up or pull down: Control external focus motor zoom, Power Zoom for Sony PZ lenses, or Sony Clear Image Zoom.

Joystick - Gimbal Control
Push up or pull down: Control tilt axis movement (by default).
Push left or right: Control pan axis movement (by default).

6. M Button
‌Press once: Can be customized to Take Photos, C1/Fn1 Button Mapping, or LiDAR AF/MF.
Press and hold: Enter Sport Mode.
Press and hold the M button while pressing the trigger twice: Enter and remain in Sport Mode. Repeat to exit.
Press and hold the M button and trigger: Start Auto Tune.


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