4 Common Phantom Problems

4 Common Phantom Problems

I come across many common Phantom problems four of the most common. See how to fix yellow and red flashing lights, or fix the lack of video problem.

Last updated: Feb 26, 2021

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Being the DJI Phantom 2 technical support here at heliguy™, I come across many common phantom problems that I see, and fix quickly, on a daily basis. Here are four of the most common phantom problems that you will come across as a DJI Phantom 2 owner. Be careful though, some may require a professional to fix.

"When I go to start the motors, I get nothing and three red flashes"

GPS Location The most likely cause of this issue is that your GPS module inside your phantom has become dislodged. Easy way to check is to take it outside and see whether you get any satellites. Usually an easy fix is to open it up and plug it back in but if the module is damaged or shattered it will require replacing. Every variant of the Phantom 2 requires a working GPS module and it will not let you fly without one.

"Motor twitching back and forth"

This can be one of two things: if you notice the LED next to the corresponding motor behaving strangely (most likely randomly flashing unlike the others) the most likely issue here is the ESC is malfunctioning. This is usually caused when the motor is running but the prop is obstructing its movement.

Another cause could be a common mistake we have unfortunately seen too many times; screwing in the longer prop guard screws without the prop guards. The screws dig into the motor and damages their internals. The Phantom 2 V3 has motors which help to prevent this problem but it still is possible.

"Craft is rapidly flashing yellow"

Phantom Flashing Yellow

Usually shows the UAV is in failsafe mode which could be down to a number of reasons. First thing you might want to do is make sure the RC is switched on. If the Phantom is in Naza mode, make sure your S2 switch is set to the up position too.

Once these checks are complete and you still have the issue you may need to re-bind your phantom to the Remote Controller.

Rebind link on Phantom

This can be done by switching on the craft and observing what the bind button’s LED, located on the bottom of the phantom, is doing.

Solid red light indicates no signal received and remote is required to be switched on. Once switched on the light should begin flashing yellow to indicate a signal has been received, at this point press the bind button and if successful should turn solid green indicating the craft is communicating with the RC.

Phantom 2 bind

"No camera feed from the Vision+"

First step is to close the app down completely, done on iOS devices by double tapping the home button and swiping the app up. Re-open the app and the majority of the time you will have a picture

If this step fails you may need to rebind your craft to you Wi-Fi repeater.

Firstly reset the Wi-Fi repeater via the button on the side next to the on off switch, hold it down until it flashes steadily. Then open the Wi-Fi setting on your phone and select the Wi-Fi repeater, open the app and go to settings then binding.

WiFi extender reset button

You can scan the QR code on the box or you will have to type in the MAC address manually which is found on the bottom of the Phantom. Close the app down and restart everything and hopefully you will be able to see your video feed now.

UK Repair Centre

If everything you try does not work, do not worry. heliguy™ is a UK repair centre and can perform warranty repairs for our own customers and repairs even if the product was purchased elsewhere. So if you’re ever having an issue we’re always here to help.

We also provide support for the Inspire 1 range, Phantom 4, Phantom 3 and Matrice 600.

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