DJI Introduce the Tello

DJI Introduce the Tello

DJI, Ryze Robotics and Intel to develop the most intelligent toy drone yet. Available for pre-order for just £99.00, capture images & video and perform stunts.

Last updated: Mar 11, 2021

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Introducing the Tello DJI have teamed up with drone startup, Ryze Robotics, to create the Tello intelligent mini-drone, dubbed the ‘most fun drone ever’. It’s the most affordable drone from DJI to date at just £99.00. Weighing in at approximately 80g with propeller and battery attached, the Tello is the ideal drone for adults and kids and is likely to be the most advanced toy drone on the market. The Tello will make its official debut at the CES conference in Las Vegas later today. Keep reading for more about the new Tello drone. Tello Drone

Tello Key Features

Tello is a collaboration between Ryze Robotics and DJI with a 14-core processor from Intel. It features up to a 13-minute flight time with a 5MP camera and 720p video. The Tello can be flown using your smartphone via the Tello app, remote controller and is compatible with VR headsets. Tello has a Throw and Go takeoff and can be thrown into the air to start your flight. You can perform stunts such as 8D flips, fly around obstacles and use Intelligent Modes such as Bounce Mode, where Tello will fly up and down on the palm of your hand. Tello has pre-planned and customisable modes such as EZ shot, for capturing a 360° video that can instantly be shared on social media via the Tello app. A top speed of 8m/s is available and a maximum flight distance of 100m. Tello is ideal for new drone pilots. It’s easy to fly and features a collision detection system to help you avoid crashes. Other modes are available such as one-tap auto-takeoff and auto-landing. Low battery protection will users to low battery levels for increased safety. If your aircraft loses signal, failsafe protection ensures you will land safely. Tello also features Intel’s Vision Processing Unit, Movidius™ Myriad™ 2 which receive real-time data from Tello's five sensors. This allows Tello to accurately maintain its location and hover in place extreme precision. Tello also features Scratch, a customisable coding system developed by MIT that allows users to learn custom programming skills. SDK is also available for more advanced users to customise Tello software. Tello drone


The Tello is available for pre-order through heliguy™ here. There are accessories available including snap-on covers in white, blue and yellow, spare propellers, propeller guards and batteries, with more accessories expected for release. Heliguy will keep you up to date on expected shipping via the product page, social media and email following pre-order. Tello drone


The Tello is an exciting release from DJI and a new step to dominate the toy drone market. The partnership with Ryze Robotics and collaboration with Intel was extremely unexpected but a positive move in developing the technology available in toy drones. For just £99.00, the Tello is a must have drone for pilots of all capabilities. It’s great for new pilots wanting to learn how to fly and for more advanced pilots to have fun flying a drone. The technology available in such a small package is astounding and we can’t wait to get a Tello up in the air. Tello drone
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