DJI M300 RTK drone solution 'is a must-have'

DJI M300 RTK drone solution 'is a must-have'

Drone services company FoxFly deployed DJI M300 RTK and H20T camera at major fire. Watch the footage; FoxFly describe DJI M300 RTK and H20T – supplied by™ – as an ‘unbelievable bit of kit’; FoxFly has scaled its commercial drone fleet using™ and has praised the service it has received and the expertise... Read More

Last updated: Jul 18, 2022

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  • Drone services company FoxFly deployed DJI M300 RTK and H20T camera at major fire. Watch the footage;
  • FoxFly describe DJI M300 RTK and H20T - supplied by™ - as an 'unbelievable bit of kit';
  • FoxFly has scaled its commercial drone fleet using™ and has praised the service it has received and the expertise of the™ staff.

A drone services company which deployed the DJI M300 RTK and H20T camera at a major fire has described it as ‘an unbelievable bit of kit and a real innovator’.

UK-based FoxFly utilised DJI’s new aerial solution - supplied by™ - to capture this incredible footage of a huge blaze last month.

The video demonstrates the capabilities of the DJI M300 RTK and H20T Thermal Camera, and shows the benefits of deploying the platform for this type of mission.


Crews are able to gain a vital overview of the fire in real-time and from afar. Utilising the H20T, operators can monitor the blaze by switching between different views - including thermal, zoom, wide and nighttime - and can even observe these views simultaneously via the split-screen option.

The M300 RTK is exquisite and is a must-have for public safety, security/surveillance, and search and rescue teams.


For example, this video from the fire shows the thermal capabilities of the H20T, how it can help crews identify hot spots, and view the blaze in split-screen mode.

This information arms fire chiefs with vital situational awareness, aiding response tactics and improving the safety of crews on the ground.

The footage collected by FoxFly was used on major news channels, including the BBC.

Having deployed the M300 RTK and H20T at the fire, a FoxFly spokesman said: “The drone is exciting and the camera is excellent. This is a real innovator for UAVs and this incident showed that it is invaluable and a must-have for public safety, security/surveillance, and search and rescue teams.”

The DJI M300 RTK has incredible endurance, with DJI stating that it can fly for 55 minutes without a payload, or achieve a maximum flight time of 43 minutes when integrated with the H20T. However, FoxFly says that it exceeded this estimation, achieving 48/49 minutes with this configuration during the fire.

Since the blaze, the FoxFly team has had further opportunities to put the kit through its paces, and is impressed with how it has performed in the field.

We have worked with™ for the last two years and have found the service excellent. It is like we are part of the family.


The DJI M300 RTK benefits from built-in advanced redundancy systems, dual-vision and ToF sensors, an IP45 rating and an enhanced wind-speed resistance, making it DJI’s safest and most reliable enterprise-level drone.

From the initial tests, FoxFly has certainly found that the M300 RTK is a robust, rugged and stable aircraft.

The DJI M300 RTK all ready for action.

Taking to Twitter to praise the drone, FoxFly described it as ‘exquisite’ and labelled the H20T ‘a massive game changer’.

It's high praise for this revolutionary drone and camera, which were unveiled by DJI in May and are ideal for a range of commercial drone missions, including powerline and oil and gas inspections.

FoxFly said: “The DJI M300 RTK is a very nice piece of equipment and so far it’s ticking all the boxes. It is a must have for the emergency services, security/surveillance, and search and rescue teams. The drone seems to handle extremely well and it is very manageable.

“It has handled gusts of up to 34mph and is more stable and handles better than the M200 Series V2.

“The new controller also shows you wind speed and wind direction, which is really helpful and allows you to make in-flight adjustments, depending on the conditions.

“We haven’t tried the drone in heavy rain, but it was fine in light drizzle.”

While the DJI M300 RTK is a heavy-duty aircraft, it can be deployed extremely quickly for a drone of its size - which is especially useful for public safety agencies where missions can be time-critical.

FoxFly said: “The way it is packaged is fantastic and enables it to be deployed quickly, which is ideal, especially for search and rescue teams.”

H20T Is A 'Seismic Innovation In Drone Cameras'

The M300 RTK can be integrated with the XT2 thermal camera and Z30 zoom camera, as well as a range of third-party payloads. But for ultimate mission efficiency, the drone can carry the all new IP44-rated H20 Series - engineered exclusively for this drone.

The H20 is a triple-sensor solution featuring a 20MP zoom camera, a 12MP wide camera and a laser rangefinder with a range of up to 1,200m, while the H20T - pictured below - is a quad-sensor solution, packed with the same capabilities as the H20, but bolstered by a radiometric thermal camera, with a 640×512 resolution.

FoxFly said: “The H20T is the most seismic innovation in drone cameras we are likely to see in our lifetimes. We don’t think it can get any better, but no doubt DJI will come up with something to shock us. This is a phenomenal bit of kit and will advance the use of drones by quite a distance.

“The tracking feature is fantastic and the split-screen function is excellent. You can also carry out live mission recording and record in all the spectrums - wide, zoom, thermal, nighttime - at the same time, which is excellent.

“We will do more testing with it, but from our initial tests, we would say that the H20T is better than the XT2 and the Z30.”

While FoxFly is blown away with the H20T and impressed with the M300 RTK, one of the company’s gripes is the new DJI Smart Controller Enterprise - pictured below - saying that the screen is too small and would benefit from a hood - like the one available for the CrystalSky monitor. FoxFly says it is exploring a workaround and awaiting potential firmware updates.

However, the company did add that the quality of the camera and the drone outweighs this factor.

"DJI M300 RTK Is Better Than The M200 Series V2"

The DJI M300 RTK is the latest drone in the popular Matrice range - which has become an industry-leading enterprise solution. However, the M300 RTK revolutionises the Matrice Series - with longer flight times, an enhanced IP rating, and better safety features, as well as the ability to utilise the H20 cameras.

Pairing the M300 RTK with the H20 Series transforms inspection missions, with smart features such as AI Spot-Check - where onboard AI recognises the subject of interest and identifies it in subsequent automated missions to ensure consistent framing.

FoxFly agrees that the DJI M300 RTK is the best Matrice on the market, saying: “This drone is much better than the M200 Series V2 - and that is something of an understatement.”


Client Feedback for™

FoxFly covers the UK and Ireland and is able to deploy a range of DJI drones for a variety of services, including photography, live streaming and covering equestrian events. Its experienced pilots specialise in a range of operations, including thermography and night-time flights. For more information, visit

The team has built its DJI drone fleet with the help of™.

FoxFly said: "We used to purchase our drones from an alternative supplier, but moved away from that company because of a lack of flexibility and customer support.

"So we went to™ and have worked with them for the last two years, and we have found the service excellent - as though we are part of the family.

"The staff at™ are always available to take our calls, and tell us about which innovative products are available and give us some great ideas to develop our drone programme, and we have had great support from the training team."™ is a trusted and reliable DJI Partner providing a shield of service and supply to our customers that you can't achieve directly from the manufacturers or the high street shops. Supporting drone infrastructure is notoriously difficult and requires many different departments to make sure it works for you. To find out how™ - a one-stop-shop drone supplier - can support you, contact us by email or phone.

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