Emlid launches RS2+ GNSS Receiver With LTE Modem

Emlid launches RS2+ GNSS Receiver With LTE Modem

Emlid launches Reach RS2+ GNSS receiver for land surveying and drone mapping workflows. Reach RS2+ is an upgraded version of the flagship Reach RS2 multi-band receiver, featuring 4G LTE modem, dual diversity LTE antennas for improved cellular reception, and numerous design improvements.

Published on: Aug 01, 2022
Last updated: Aug 01, 2022

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  • New Emlid Reach RS2+ GNSS receiver launched;
  • Reach RS2+ features 4G LTE modem, dual diversity LTE antennas for improved cellular reception; and numerous design improvements;
  • It is a revamped version of Emlid's flagship Reach RS2 multi-band receiver;
  • heliguy™ has partnered with Emlid to offer its affordable and highly-accurate GNSS solutions, which can be used as part of land surveying and drone mapping workflows. 

Emlid has launched the Reach RS2+ GNSS receiver.

An evolution of Emlid's popular flagship RS2 multi-band receiver, the Reach RS2+ has a built-in 4G LTE modem and features a range of design improvements to enhance Reach usability in the field.

The Reach RS2+ has been developed based on surveyor feedback to further improve reliability, effectiveness and robustness.


Emlid RS2+ GNSS receiver.  

heliguy™ has partnered with Emlid to offer its affordable and highly-accurate GNSS solutions which provide professional-grade positioning information to empower land surveying and drone mapping workflows. heliguy™ in-house specialists can offer technical and workflow support to integrate Emlid solutions into clients' operations.

Emlid Reach RS2+ Key Features

The new Reach RS2+ comes with a power-efficient LTE modem. This ensures high-speed and robust 4G connectivity to a corrections source, providing connectivity in all modern networks. It is also backward compatible with 3G and 2G.


Emlid RS2+ GNSS receiver.


Users who survey with LoRa or 2G/3G Internet connections can continue their work with the Emlid Reach RS+ and Reach RS2 receivers and do not necessarily need to upgrade their fleet. Emlid will continue to deliver firmware updates and provide full technical support for Reach RS2 and Reach RS+ receivers.

As well as LTE modem, the RS2+ receiver has dual diversity LTE antennas for improved cellular reception on the edge of networks or in adverse conditions. Now surveyors can go even further and still maintain a stable connection to NTRIP.

The IP67-rated Reach RS2+ features multiple design improvements and is now even better protected from shocks and harsh weather conditions.

The Reach RS2+ has all the Reach RS2 features. The multi-band receiver gets a fix solution in seconds, using L1/L2 bands on GPS, GLONASS, and BeiDou and L1/E5 on Galileo.


Emlid RS2+ GNSS receiver.


The receiver supports both RTK and PPK modes. RTK corrections between a base and rover are transmitted via LoRa radio or NTRIP. The maximum distance from a base is over 60km in RTK and 100km in PPK. Onboard, there are 16GB of storage for RINEX data logs that are compatible with all PPP services.

The receiver only weighs 950g and works for up to 22 hours on a single charge. The Reach RS2+ comes with a survey app, ReachView 3, which is available on Android and iOS.

The Reach RS2+ can be used for land surveying and in conjunction with drone mapping.


Contact heliguy™ to discuss adding Emlid Reach receivers to your surveying workflows.

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