Emlid Launches Reach RS3 GNSS Receiver With Tilt Compensation

Emlid launches the Reach RS3 GNSS receiver. Key upgrades include IMU tilt compensation, enabling survey-grade accuracy at large tilt angles and a faster stake out. Reach RS3 has expanded connectivity with UHF radio support and is a multi-band base and rover with an IP67 rating and up to 22 hours of battery life.

New Localisation Feature Added To Emlid Flow

A new localisation feature has been added to Emlid Flow. This enables surveyors to adjust their coordinate system to fit control points and helps find or adjust missing or outdated local coordinate system parameters.

Firmware Update Streamlines Access Of Emlid GNSS Receivers In A Browser

Firmware update provides a range of upgrades for surveyors using Emlid GNSS receivers. This includes simplified access to a Reach receiver in a browser.

Drone Mapping with Emlid Reach Receivers And RTK/PPK Modules

How the Emlid Reach ecosystem can bolster drone surveying workflows. This includes using the receivers as a base station with an RTK-capable drone and deploying the RTK/PPK modules for precise UAV mapping with less ground control points.

New Emlid Flow Mobile App For Land Surveying

Emlid has launched Emlid Flow, a mobile app for land surveying featuring new professional survey tools. It is an upgraded version of Emlid's ReachView 3 app, with enhanced features, and the new Emlid Flow 360 brings a cloud-based service to enable the remote management of survey data.

Reach RS2+ vs Reach RX: Which Emlid GNSS receiver is best for you?

Comparison between Emlid's two new GNSS receivers: The Reach RS2+ and Reach RX. Learn about their key features and differences to help you decide which one is best for your land surveying applications.

Emlid launches RS2+ GNSS Receiver With LTE Modem

Emlid launches Reach RS2+ GNSS receiver for land surveying and drone mapping workflows. Reach RS2+ is an upgraded version of the flagship Reach RS2 multi-band receiver, featuring 4G LTE modem, dual diversity LTE antennas for improved cellular reception, and numerous design improvements.

Single-band vs multi-band GNSS receivers

Single-band vs multi-band receivers: What are the differences and which is best? Find out in this in-depth guide. And learn more about the industry-leading Emlid Reach RS2 and RS+ RTK GNSS receivers and how they can benefit your surveying operations.

Heliguy Partners With Emlid To Offer GNSS Surveying Solutions

heliguy™ has partnered with Emlid to offer affordable and highly-accurate GNSS solutions to empower surveying workflows. The Emlid ecosystem includes the Reach RS2 multi-band and Reach RS+ single-band RTK GNSS receivers. Emlid technology can be used by traditional land surveyors and drone operators.