Drone Mapping with Emlid Reach Receivers And RTK/PPK Modules

How the Emlid Reach ecosystem can bolster drone surveying workflows. This includes using the receivers as a base station with an RTK-capable drone and deploying the RTK/PPK modules for precise UAV mapping with less ground control points.

Single-band vs multi-band GNSS receivers

Single-band vs multi-band receivers - what are the differences and which is best? Find out in this in-depth guide. And learn more about the industry-leading Emlid Reach RS2 and RS+ RTK GNSS receivers and how they can benefit your surveying operations.

Heliguy Partners With Emlid To Offer GNSS Surveying Solutions

heliguy™ has partnered with Emlid to offer affordable and highly-accurate GNSS solutions to empower surveying workflows. The Emlid ecosystem includes the Reach RS2 multi-band and Reach RS+ single-band RTK GNSS receivers. Emlid technology can be used by traditional land surveyors and drone operators.