DJI Announce Drone Management System - FlightHub

DJI Announce Drone Management System - FlightHub

Heliguy Insider look at the features of the new DJI FlightHub, an online application for drone fleet operational management. Featuring live camera view, telemetry flight data and full drone operation management.

Last updated: Mar 11, 2021

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Introducing DJI FlightHub DJI has just announced the release of their new software, FlightHub, dubbed as the “ultimate solution for managing your drone operations”. In basic terms, FlightHub is a web-based application developed to give enterprise users complete sight and management over the operations of their drones. FlightHub features real-time operation view, flight data storage and team management with other features expected for release. It’s a great step for DJI who already monopolise the commercial drone market, making a move on enterprise software development for use with the majority of their drones. Let’s take a look at what FlightHub is capable of. DJI FlightHub

Real-Time Operation View

DJI FlightHub allows users to view their drone operation in real-time from anywhere in the world. Two different options are available, Map View and Real View. Map View – Teams are given real-time telemetry data of drone operations on map-based view. This allows users to see the exact location of each of their drones in order to coordinate missions. Geofencing information can be viewed to ensure fleet management in real-world situations. Pilot names, aircraft type, height, speed, direction and exact location are also visible. Live View – Teams can view live camera and sensor video feeds for up to four aircraft at any time. This is a great feature for situation assessment helping with rapid informed managerial decision making. Sensor view incorporation is beneficial for industries such as fire and rescue to assess full situations and make informed operational decisions. DJI FlightHub

Flight Data Management

FlightHub allows you to securely store all flight data including flight logs and statistics. All team flight information is stored in a searchable database including past flights telemetry data as well as videos and images. Data can be viewed as statistics to assess team efficiency, and for easier drone management and compliance checks. Videos and images are automatically transferred to FlightHub through the DJI Pilot app in order to reduce administration after each flight. Teams can view stored flights and re-play past missions in full. Data is securely stored and accessed through Amazon Web Services (AWS) based in the US. SOC2 AICPA standards are guaranteed by DJI to ensure protected storage of data. Cloud-based storage services are also planned to be released for FlightHub in the near future. DJI FlightHub

Personnel and Aircraft Management

FlightHub is based on a three-level staffing hierarchy from administrators to captains to pilots. Team management is done through this hierarchical based system and the ability to organise staff into teams based on parameters like client, location or type of mission. This allows users to easily assess the resource of each of their teams. Fleet management can also be done with ease with FlightHub. Equipment management is possible through the individual aircraft flight logs. This can be used for equipment compliance and maintenance checks. DJI FlightHub


FlightHub is set to be used with the DJI Pilot app to control the aircraft. So far, DJI have announced the following aircraft are compatible: Heliguy are currently unaware of any additions to this list, however, believe aircraft such as the M600 may also be included in the future due to their enterprise status. DJI FlightHub


There are currently three tiers available for FlightHub. Basic – Available for up to five drones, access complete fleet and team management, automatic flight log syncing and real-time map-based telemetry information. Advanced – Available for up to ten drones, Advanced has the same functionality as Basic with the addition of real-time live view from the aircraft’s camera or sensor. Operation planning will also be released by DJI in the future. Enterprise – Available for ten drones plus, Enterprise has all the functionality of Advanced with the addition of private cloud storage which is due for release. Prices are yet to be confirmed for UK retailers and will be announced imminently, however monthly or annual subscription is expected. A beta trial is available from November 14 to December 14 which will allow customers to access the Basic mode and test its functionality. To register interest in the trial, please visit the DJI website. Full access to FlightHub is due for release following the trial. DJI FlightHub


The DJI FlightHub seems like a hugely beneficial piece of software for enterprise users. Its use is likely to streamline processes for drone fleets and improve access and functionality. It will be interesting to see how the software develops in the future as impressive advancements are likely. Heliguy are currently testing out the FlightHub beta application and will update you with our findings following the testing period.
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